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The Travelers Series by Claudia LeFeve

Haven't read the Travelers Series yet? Now's your chance to get started! 
The first three books (Volume 1) in the Travelers Series are now available! Find out what happens when 17 year-old Etta Fleming finds out she's not only from an alternate reality, but is destined to become the future leader of a band of paranormal misfits in order to protect a future reality from destruction.

The fourth book in the series, PARAMETER, will be available late-Spring 2013!

About Parallel - 
Destiny has a way of catching up.

Saddled with powers she doesn't understand, Etta Fleming's world is turned upside-down the day she meets Cooper Everett, the man who transports her to an alternate reality. A reality she was meant to be a part of.

One minute, she's an orphan living at Dominion House for Girls, an institution for delinquent foster kids, then finds herself attending the exclusive Dominion Hall Academy.

Plucked from the only world she's ever known, Etta now has to deal with an aunt she never knew, a boyfriend she doesn't know, and a best friend who can't know.

Read an excerpt:
Ouch!” I whip around and spot a group of girls playing lacrosse. The back of my head continues to throb where the ball made contact. 

Sooo sorry,” a voice calls out followed by hollow laughter. 

I’d recognize that apology anywhere. A tall lithe blonde comes rushing in my direction in order to claim her ball. There’s no doubt in my mind that she’s the one responsible for the pathetic attempt at an apology. Per her usual M.O., she doesn’t sound sorry at all. 

Come on Etta, it’s not worth getting into it with her.” Jaime miraculously appears by my side just in time to grab me by the shoulder. Her attempt is clear: to steer me away from a confrontation. As always, Jaime takes the position of buffer when it comes to me getting into trouble. 

Even though I recognized the voice, I still manage to do a double take at the girl running towards us. “Who is that?” I ask anyway, already knowing the answer. I have a feeling this isn’t going to be the end of me and Lacrosse Barbie and I want to be sure. 

You sure you’re okay? The ball must have hit you harder than I thought. That’s Jenny, duh. You know, her dad’s the Mexican Ambassador? Access to free booze because her family owns and operates Mexia beer? Super bitch from hell? Ring any bells?” Jaime looks at me curiously. “And judging from bump on your head, she must really have it in for you.” 

My eyes narrow as I watch Jenny claim her ball and trot back to her group of giggling friends. The Barbie Brigade is just going to have to watch out. If they think they’re dealing with the same Etta, they’re in for a rude awakening – they have no idea who they’re messing with now. 

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About Paradox-
Everything is predestined.

Etta is slowly readjusting to life in her new reality, while still recovering from the shock over the news regarding her relationship with Cooper.

While learning more about her role as leader of the Council, she soon discovers that her future is linked to the five extraordinary individuals she must recruit in order to ensure her destiny.

Nothing is as it seems, as rivals become allies and friends become the enemy. 

Read an excerpt:

Thank you. Now, back to this Jenny thing. Seriously?” But maybe it isn’t as complicated as I imagine it to be. I mean, logically, I know there are various versions of us running around in other realities, but my confusion lies more with Jenny being my friend. She can’t possibly be. Jaime is my best friend, not the queen bee of bitchdom. Even though Cooper said she’s from a different reality, I have a hard time believing she’s changed. She always manages to remain the same in the two realities I already know her from. 

He rejoins me on the chaise lounge. “There’s not a whole lot of difference between science and destiny when you’re talking about alternate universes. Scientifically speaking, there are multiple universes that play out different scenarios, as you are now well aware, but in every reality, we maintain relationships with the same people. Some people call it fate. We are forever linked, no matter what reality you’re in. In some, we’re friends, in others, foes.” 

So, there’s a Jenny running around who’s my ally in the other world?” Incredible. My biggest nemesis is now a friend and confidant. How the hell does something like this happen? 

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About Paradigm
Take hold of your destiny.

Etta Fleming doesn’t know she was meant to return to her true reality four years ago. After years of being the “orphan girl” in the alternate world she grew up in, she’s finally carved a niche for herself with a great job, a steady boyfriend, and a best friend by her side.

Undeterred by the shift in the timeline, it is up to Cooper Everett and his friends to convince Etta that she is still destined to become their leader, fighting against their post-apocalyptic future.

Will meeting the ghosts of her past convince Etta that she’s part of a grander destiny? Or will her past, present, and future worlds collide?

Read an excerpt:

Etta sighed. She knew her friends came from other realities that didn’t always share the same literature as she had growing-up. “Well, it was worth a shot. Charles Dickens was a legendary writer in my orphan reality. You couldn’t get through school without reading one of his classics.” As an orphan, or rather, when she lived in the reality in which she was lead to believe she was an orphan, she had developed a sort of kinship with the writer. His characters touched her in a way no author could. He would always remain one of her favorites. “I’m thinking a little Christmas Carol is in order,” she said, already scheming. 

But it’s May,” one of the Dyson twins pointed out. “What does any of this have to do with Christmas?”

Yes, I know this, thank you, Chance. In the story by Dickens, Ebenezer Scrooge was visited by three ghosts,” Etta started.

I think you’re thinking of the three wise men who visited Jesus in the manger,” Jenny chimed in. “Is that the Christmas story you’re thinking of?”

No, Jenny, A Christmas Carol. I just said it was a story by Dickens.” She really did love Jenny, but sometimes she could be a bit spacey. “As I was saying, Ebenezer was visited by three ghosts: past, present, and future. If Cooper expects me to believe that he’s not only from the future, but a future in another reality in which I lead the rebellion against Thornberry, he’s going to need to bring in the big guns.” Etta looked around the room to make sure they were all listening. “And by that, I mean you guys.” 

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About Claudia Lefeve
Claudia Lefeve was born and raised in the Gulf Coast border town of Brownsville, Texas; a curious place where folks see curanderas in lieu of shrinks, tortillas are served at every meal, and even gringos speak Spanish. PARALLEL, the first book in The Travelers series, is her debut YA speculative novel. She currently resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and two pugs.
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