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'Lark's End' Book Tour

Lark’s End
Book One; The Fall of Gadaie Series
Christina Leigh Pritchard

Genre: Fantasy Intermediate/YA

Number of pages: 429
Word Count: 93,000

Cover Artist: Mohamed Zakzouk

Book Description:

From the author of the C I N Series, comes an epic fantasy world filled with nothing but constant action and adventure. A new world, new life forms, and another twisted and complex story from author Christina Leigh Pritchard!

Mary wants to kill them. But, someone stands in her way...

Tahmi has nightmares of an old man in a sailor's suit, dropping her off, on her doorstep. When she tells her parents about him they look sick. Could her dream have some truth to it? Is that old man the reason they won't allow her in the woods behind their house?

What are they hiding from her? Who is she?

TAHMI, she's just an ordinary girl, right?

Lark’s End, is the first of eight books in the epic fantasy series The Fall of Gadaie. For extras, (characters, illustrations, book trailers, maps) please visit the blog dedicated to the series:


66+ illustrated photos created by Omaik Digital Art

**My thoughts**

Here is another series by Pritchard that is filled with twists and turns as the plot races along. Tahmi is trying to figure out who she really is, as well as many other secrets. Pay close attention along the ride, so that you can keep up with what is going on!

About the Author:

Christina Leigh Pritchard was born and raised in South Florida. Her first stories were written at the age of nine in $0.15 wide ruled spiral notebooks (which were supposed to be used for class) ;o)~ and in the various diaries she kept. Stories she wrote from age nine to twelve fill about four storage boxes!

Since she's upgraded to a computer, she's completed over fifty books and still going strong. Her genres include dark fantasy, young adult, drama, suspense, historical romance, multicultural, comedy, poetry and many more.

Her main aspirations in life are: her dog, Teacup; the beach, writing and well, writing! The author says, "I breathe novels.”

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"The Power of Teaming Up With Other Indie Authors" Guest post by Jennifer Malone Wright

**Welcome to the book blog tour of The Vampire Hunter's Daughter by Jennifer Malone Wright, hosted by Parajunkees!**

For my stop, I asked my friend Jennifer about the power of teaming up with other indie authors. She is a tireless advocate for her fellow indies, which helps them, as well as herself. Read what she has to say and then enter to win your own copy of the collection!

It may come as no surprise to most who follow me or spend much time around me on facebook, that I am part of a team of other indie authors. My fellow authors are Willow Cross, KB. Miller and JH Glaze. It's really an unofficial team.

It initially all came together because we all talk, we all discuss marketing and other ways to promote our work. We didn't realize at first that we actually were becoming a team, but we were. So, eventually all this started drifting out into the open and we all just do pretty much everything together now.

There are some awesome things that can come from teaming up with other authors, the first and most important (in my opinion) is that you gain friends. In my case I gained really good awesome friends who I pretty much consider family. I love my team...

Having a team is helpful because they are there for you to bounce ideas off of for marketing and promotion. It's very helpful to every person on the team when it comes to marketing and promo, because everyone helps everyone else out. When one of us has an idea, we almost always include the others in the plan.

Another great thing about having a team is that if you need critique on your writing or blurbs or even graphics and stuff, you have a crit team right there. This also brings up another point. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, so it's like combining powers when you have a team of people. One might be good at doing graphic work and another at formatting….so everyone helps each other out.

I am grateful for my friends, who just so happen to be my team. I can't imagine doing what I do without them now. You can actually find us on You Tube or our websites on our Traveling Vlog, that is the title, use that with our names and you will find it. But each week one of us does it on our websites… it's so fun!

Book Description:
This special edition of The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter contains parts I-VI, the complete collection. Fourteen-year-old Chloe witnesses her mother’s murder at the hands of a vampire. Before the vampire can kidnap her, there is an unexpected rescue by a group of vampire hunters.

Overwhelmed by the feeling of safety, Chloe passes out and they whisk her away to their small community. When Chloe wakes, she comes face to face with the only other living relative, besides her mother, whom she has ever met: her grandfather. Chloe’s mother kept her hidden from the family; now, Chloe tries to unveil the family secrets.

Through her grandfather, she learns her mother was a vampire hunter. In fact, her entire family is descended from the powerful bloodlines of vampire hunters. Chloe agrees to join the family she has never known for one reason only: Chloe vows to kill the vampire responsible for her mother’s murder. With vengeance in her soul, Chloe is even more determined to follow through on her vow when she discovers the true identity of her enemy and how he is connected to her.

Experience the world of vampires hunter’s, vampires and mythology with Chloe in this exciting series.

 Buy links:

Amazon Kindle | Paperback | Nook | Smashwords

Jennifer Malone Wright resides in the beautiful mountains of northern Idaho with her husband and five children. Between the craziness of taking care of her children, whose ages range from fourteen all the way down to six months, and being a homemaker, Jennifer has little time left for herself. The time she does have left, usually leading far into the night, is spent working on freelance work or her beloved fiction.

When she grew up, Jennifer always had her nose in a book. She has been writing stories and poems since grade school. This love of the written word and her strong interest in the paranormal is what has led to her first novel “The Birth of Jaiden.”

In addition to being a mother and homemaker, Jennifer is also a very proud military wife. Moving around the country for the last ten years has made her a bit of a nomad and she finds it difficult to be in one place for too long.

Jennifer is also the author of The Birth of Jaiden, a paranormal novel filled with action, suspense, and even a love story.

Amazon Author Page:
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'Matt Archer: Monster Hunter' Blog Tour! - Review & Giveaway

Welcome to the Matt Archer: Monster Hunter book blog tour, hosted by YA Bound!

Matt Archer: Monster Hunter
Release Date: September 1, 2012
299 pages

Book Description from Goodreads:
Fourteen-year-old Matt Archer spends his days studying Algebra, hanging out with his best friend and crushing on the Goddess of Greenhill High, Ella Mitchell. To be honest, he thinks his life is pretty lame until he discovers something terrifying on a weekend camping trip at the local state park.

Monsters are real. And living in his backyard.

But that's not the half of it. After Matt is forced to kill a strange creature to save his uncle, he finds out that the weird knife he took from his uncle's bag has a secret, one that will change Matt's life. The knife was designed with one purpose: to hunt monsters. And it's chosen Matt as its wielder.

Now Matt's part of a world he didn't know existed, working with a covert military unit dedicated to eliminating walking nightmares. Faced with a prophecy about a looming dark war, Matt soon realizes his upcoming Algebra test is the least of his worries.

His new double life leaves Matt wondering which is tougher: hunting monsters or asking Ella Mitchell for a date?

**My thoughts**

Move over, vampire hunters! Matt Archer is taking over! 

I loved this book. I have been reading a ton of vampire books in the paranormal genre. Don't get me wrong - I like those - but this was a fun change of pace. Instead of chasing and killing evil vampires, Archer is hunting down evil monsters that resemble wild animals found all over the world. It is full of action that I could envision unfolding in my head like watching a movie.

Matt has the usual teen angst about trying to fit in at school, asking out the hottie girl of his dreams, and getting respect from his brother. He has also grown several inches and found a new source of power within himself as he tries to come to terms with his calling in life. He isn't obnoxious and cocky when he realizes his gift. He just seems like a good guy all around.

The book comes to enough of a close where it could stand by itself. There is an opening, though, to possibly turn it into a series. I can see potential for a series of other adventures with Matt Archer and would love to see what else this author has to offer for us.    

BUY LINKS: Kindle | Amazon | Barnes & Noble 

About the Author
Kendra C. Highley lives in north Texas with her husband and two children. She also serves as staff to two self-important and high-powered cats. This, according to the cats, is her most important job. She believes chocolate is a basic human right, running a 10k is harder than it sounds, and that everyone should learn to drive a stick-shift. She loves monsters, vacations, baking and listening to bad electronica.

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'The Bone Knife' Release Day Party!

We're celebrating the release day party of The Bone Knife today!

The Bone Knife is a YA Fantasy Short Story by author Intisar Khanani, whom you can find on Thorn The Novel Website

We're hosting a giveaway for a $20 Amazon Gift Card, spread across all blogs participating. Scroll down to participate!

About The Bone Knife

Title: The Bone Knife  

Author: Intisar Khanani  

Genre: YA Fantasy, Short Story  

Blurb: Rae knows how to look out for family. Born with a deformed foot, she feigns indifference to the pity and insults that come her way. Wary of all things beautiful, Rae instantly distrusts their latest visitor: an appallingly attractive faerie. Further, his presence imperils the secret her sister guards. But when the local townspeople show up demanding his blood, Rae must find a way to protect both her sister's secret and their guest. Even if that means risking herself.



Author Bio

Intisar Khanani grew up a nomad and world traveler. Born in Wisconsin, she has lived in five different states as well as in Jeddah on the coast of the Red Sea. She first remembers seeing snow on a wintry street in Zurich, Switzerland, and vaguely recollects having breakfast with the orangutans at the Singapore Zoo when she was five. She currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband and two young daughters. Until recently, Intisar wrote grants and developed projects to address community health with the Cincinnati Health Department, which was as close as she could get to saving the world. Now she focuses her time on her two passions: raising her family and writing fantasy. Her approach to writing reflects her lifelong love for stories from different cultures. Her next project is a companion trilogy to her debut novel Thorn, with Rae as her new heroine.



Purchase on Amazon:


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'Texting Tyler' Book Tour - Review & Giveaway

Welcome to the virtual book tour for 'Texting Tyler' by Rebecca Rembish!

YA Contemporary Romance
Title: Texting Tyler
Author - Rebecca Rembish

Date Published: 8/29/12


Christopher Clarke is the nicest guy Amy Fallon has ever met. He is handsome, smart, funny, an all-around great guy. Tyler Clarke is hot. So why is Amy, one of the smartest girls in school, so clueless when it comes to realizing who she is truly falling in love with? Or better yet, who’s falling in love with her.

Amy is forced to spend the week at her grandmother’s house in Arizona. She returns home to New York with a closer bond to her grandmother, with a best friend who she adores and with a boyfriend who she believes is everything she has ever dreamed of. After months of communication with the two new men in her life, things finally seem to be falling in to place for Amy. That is, until she starts to realize whom her heart is truly longing for. When she returns to Arizona almost a year later, things don’t go quite as planned when she is blindsided not only by the death of her grandmother, but learns the truth behind the text messages from Tyler. With time, and a little help from her grandmother’s memory we are able to see if her broken heart can heal and get Amy back on the course she was destined for.

**My thoughts**

This love story has its sweet moments. Chris and Amy are so lovely with each other. They have the ideal relationship, though neither one of them really quite understands it. They each make their own series of mistakes.

Amy has very low self esteem, so of course it is hard for her to fathom anyone being interested in her. I can completely understand how she would fall for Tyler and be confused by Chris. I can completely see something like this happening to a young girl. At the same time, you're yelling at her through the entire book, wondering how she could be so blind and naive.

Chris has never been able to live up to his brother's popular image, so he can't believe it when this beautiful girl pays attention to him. He goes to extremes to keep her in his life. You're also yelling at him through the whole book, for being stupid and carrying on his charade for too long.

 All of that yelling at the main characters aside, you're rooting for them the whole way, hoping that they can realize the truth. 

Read an excerpt:
I can’t wait.” Amy was genuinely excited.
They walked out to the parking lot and said their goodbyes.
See ya tomorrow!” Dana shouted to them as they were walking away.
Okay!” Amy yelled back. They had just left and she already couldn’t wait to see them again the next day.
They’re cool, right?” Chris asked.
Very,” Amy answered right away.
Chris puffed his chest out. “I knew you’d like them. I could tell they really liked you too.”
They waited by the car for Tyler, who took his time walking over to join them. He moved slowly, clicking the doors open with his key chain. They were all about to get in the car when Tyler turned to Chris.
Hey man chuck this for me.” Tyler held out the soda cup he was slurping on during the movie.
Chuck it yourself,” Chris said.
Then walk home,” Tyler said matter-of-factly.
Just give it to me.” Chris huffed as he took the soda cup from his brother and walked over to the trashcan.
Amy and Tyler got in to the car shutting the doors. She heard a click and looked over at Tyler who was laughing. “Watch this,” he said to her.
A moment later Chris came back and opened the door to the car. Clunk, it wouldn’t open.
Unlock the door,” Chris said through the window.
Tyler ignored him.
Open the door,” Chris said impatiently.
Tyler clicked the button back and forth quickly. Chris went to open the door. Clunk, it wouldn’t open.
Amy shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Tyler looked over at her and lifted his eyebrows at her as he continued to laugh.
Tyler, I swear to God man. Why you doing this?” Chris asked shaking his head.
Amy felt bad for him. Tyler continued to ignore him and started the car. Amy looked out the window at Chris giving him a sympathetic look. Tyler put the car in drive and drove forward a few feet. Chris walked forward a few feet and knocked on the window.
Come on man please,” Chris begged.
Tyler clicked the door and this time Chris was able to get in. “You’re such a puss Chris. I shoulda made you walk home.” Tyler laughed at him before turning the volume of the music up high so that no one was able to talk the entire ride home.
Amy felt her phone vibrate in her pocket and she slid the phone out to see a text from Chris.

Author Bio:
Rebecca Rembish is a stay at home mom to a mini super-hero. To help balance out her adventurous days with a pre-schooler and grown-up married life, she escapes by writing Young Adult Romantic Fiction. 

She is a compulsive nail biter, who makes daily trips to 7-11 for blueberry coffee. Rebecca grew up in Rockland County, New York, and now resides in New Jersey with her husband and son. Although Rebecca loves to text, amazingly, she and her husband of ten years have never once sent each other a text message. 
 Contact Links:

twitter is @justsendatext

Purchase Links:

Follow the VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR October 15 - November 5

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November 3- My Devotional Thoughts - Review/Giveaway/Excerpt
November 4-Mademoiselle Le Sphinx - Review/Giveaway
November 5- Debbie Jean's Blog - Review/Giveaway/Excerpt

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'The Betrayal' Promo Blitz!


Welcome to the tour kickoff for 'The Betrayal' by Shelia Hendrix!

Young Adult Paranormal
Title: The Betrayal - (The Dark Circle Book #1)
Author - Sheila Hendrix


    When Zachariah and Matthew McCannon were young, their parents abandoned them, leaving Zack to take care of his little brother, Matt. Though they lived with their grandmother, she was always sick, so Zack was forced to raise him. This was not an easy task.
   Zack had his hands full because of Matt’s unusual powers. He has visions and dreams that come true, and when he gets angry or upset, he can move things with his mind. Because of this, evil seeks him, keeping Zack on his toes as his protector. 
    As the brothers grew older, they became hunters, pursuing evil supernatural forces. After Matthew has a dream, it sends them on a hunt for cave, not knowing why, but realizing it is necessary. When they arrive, Matt finds the vision was a trap.
    A Darkness like no other wants to control Matt and kill Zack. The Darkness is named, Alanya, which means, The Destroyer.
    Alanya hates the brothers. In the past, every time he tried to apprehend Matt, Zack would thwart him by protecting his brother. Alanya is incensed that a mere human boy can beat him, for demons are not to be defied.
    When Alanya asks Zack, “How far will you go to save your brother?” Zack answers, “As far as I have to.”
    Now, the brothers are faced with a deadly force they never had to deal with before. This demon is on a deadly mission to destroy everything the brothers hold dear. If the McCannon’s are not careful, neither of them will be able to escape.
Read an excerpt:
He roamed through the cave, listening to the sounds around him. Water dripped into an underground pool further down, the drops spaced several seconds apart and the splash echoing off the rocks. Sand and pebbles crunched under his feet, and wind whistled across the cave opening, all of it familiar. He’d walked that cave a million times for a million reasons. His domain — where he drew his strength — also became his weakness at times, for the cave was alive.
His name, Alanya, meant The Destroyer. He wandered the ages, seeking to slaughter people who held special gifts. He fed on them for their strength and power, each special power offering a distinctive flavor. Their cries resonated in the cave’s memory; their blood splattered on its walls and drenched its floors. If he closed his eyes and concentrated, he could still smell the coppery tang.
Strolling to the mouth of the cave, he looked at but didn’t see the forest. His mind seethed in his hatred for the brothers Zachariah and Matthew McCannon.

Author Bio:
Sheila Hendrix is a native of Alabama and resides there with her husband of seventeen years. Her only children are her six dogs. She works as a nurse for a nursing home and also does reviews for a magazine, although she hasn’t done that in awhile because she’s been busy writing her own Young Adult series.
Sheila has always wanted to write but never thought she’d be able to. It’s been a dream of hers since she was a little girl. She practically raised her little brother because her parents both had to work. She had to grow up fast and that was where she got the idea of writing about two brothers whose parents abandoned them when they were little.
The Dark Circle book series is her paranormal series she’s working on right now. She got the idea for The Betrayal after having a nightmare that stayed with her for days. 

The Betrayal is the first book in the series and is now available where ever books are sold. The second book in the series is Head Games and then Darkness Falls. She doesn’t know how many books will be in the series but there will be several.
Her hobbies are reading, writing, gardening, traveling, hiking, camping and swimming. She is currently in school to earn her Associate Degree in Paralegal studies but her dream is to write.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

'Forbidden Fire' Book Tour - Review & Giveaway

Welcome to the Innovative Online Book Tour for Forbidden Fire by Kimberly Kinrade. This book is the second in the trilogy.


"She escaped, but she'll never be free."

"Time held no meaning as my mind darted in and out of memories. Past and present collided to create a full-sensory collage out of my life: playing hide-n-seek with my best friends Luke--who always cheated by walking through walls when he was about to be caught--and Lucy; Mr. Caldrin critiquing my sketches and offering ideas to make them more realistic; targets changing faces, blending into the same person, their thoughts rippling through my mind like waves. Through it all, a demon stalked me from the shadows of my memories, never quite showing its face, but crouching, waiting.

And then I dreamed...."

Sam and Drake may have escaped, but they aren't free—not with a powerful Seeker after them. As Sam struggles with the ethics of her new powers and embraces a blossoming physical relationship with Drake, Lucy and Luke face challenges of their own.

With forces coalescing inside and outside the Rent-A-Kid dorms, it's only a matter of time before the fire they started forces each of them to make choices they can't undo. But will it be enough to save them?

Read an excerpt:
Drake inhaled the cool, salty beach air and sank his toes into the warm sand. The crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean always calmed his mind, but not this time. He dropped his shoes onto the sand and rolled his cargo pants up past his calves, so he could feel the sharp bite of the cold water over his feet.
The sun hovered over the ocean, ushering in another day. Surfers dotted the watery landscape; Drake longed to be one of them, lost in the Zen of the wave, no other care or concern but that one moment of bliss.
His life had changed too much for surfing to bring him any peace. That day so many months ago changed everything. He'd been primed to win the regional Venice Beach Surfing Competition—next stop, Hawaii. Brad had warned him to keep a low profile, but surfing was too important to him, so Drake competed.
And he'd paid.
In a perfect moment of synchronicity and connection, the wave broke and wrapped around him in a watery cocoon from which he would emerge reborn. In that state of bliss he didn't notice Max cutting him off, didn't feel the
pull of the current until his board threatened to spill him into the depths of the ocean.
With paranormal strength he steadied himself and kept his feet under him. A look of surprise flashed across
Max's face before he directed his attention to the wave that also threatened to engulf him.
The men rode their boards to shore and were greeted by hundreds of voices cheering their success.
To anyone watching, they had both just scored a serious victory. Even the judges wouldn't be able to tell that
Max had cheated and tried to sabotage Drake.
Words mattered little to him, but Max had just declared war.
Drake shoved Max to the sand using a touch more than normal strength, just enough to sting. "What the hell,
man? Are you so desperate to win, and so afraid of me, that you would cheat?"
Max's eyes turned cold, but he pushed himself up and stared at Drake. "I don't know what you're talking about,
but do that again and I'll make sure you're disqualified from the final round."
A group had formed, drawn into the drama. Drake passed his board to Brad and stormed off toward the
showers to cool down before he blew it for good.
The warm sand squished under his feet, and the hot sun blazed down on his head.
He stripped off his wetsuit and stood under the showers, letting the warm water wash away the sand, salt and
anger. Today could change his life forever; he just needed to keep his cool and ignore Max.
He'd been so absorbed in his rage, he hadn't noticed the buzz of warning under his skin that someone was
watching him.
By the time he felt it, it was too late.
Something stung his shoulder.
He reached around and pulled out a dart. His thoughts swirled around in his head and his recent clarity gave
way to a jumble of incoherent ramblings.
"Dude, are you all right?"
A voice spoke to him, but male or female, he couldn't tell. His vision blurred and he slumped onto the wet cement, the now cold water spraying over him until it ran out of time and stopped.
"Drake, you'll be okay. Come on, boy."
Another voice he didn't recognize. He reached out with his mind to stop whoever was touching him, but nothing happened. His power didn't work. Then he felt it, the compulsion to obey directed at him as someone siphoned his powers from him.
When hands pulled him away from the familiar noises, he tried to fight with his muscle.
"Damn it, he's still too strong. Get him to the van, quick."
"Don't worry," one voice said to the other. "Drake, you will relax and walk quietly to the van with us. You will
not put up a fight or make any noise."
He nodded, stood and walked forward.
Before Drake could process anything more, a painful whack to his head sent him tumbling into darkness. The leader yelled at whoever had hit him, and then Drake lost consciousness.
That day had been life-changing, just not they way he'd hoped or imagined.
Drake wondered if his blood still stained the block of cement his attackers had used to bash in his head that day, after hitting him with a tranquilizer gun from afar. Overkill, much? They hadn't underestimated his strength, at least.
Still, not all was lost. The priest's words gave him hope. They could form a plan. They had help. They were not alone.
But how did the priest know so much? Was he really psychic?
A shout from behind pulled him out of his thoughts. "Drake!"
Kylie the Beach Bunny, as she liked to be called, hadn't changed a bit. Bits of a silver string bikini hugged her
curvaceous form as if it were painted on. Her bleach blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders in artificial curls. Pretty much everything about Kylie was artificial, actually. Drake could not for the life of him remember why he'd ever hooked up with such a shallow creature.
Drake hadn't turned around all the way when Kylie slipped her slender arm around his waist and pressed her body against his back.
His skin crawled at her touch.
She leaned in close to his ear, her voice a contrived throaty whisper. "I've been missing you, Drakey boy. Nobody has ever had the stamina you do."
Oh, shit.
Drake turned to face the last person he wanted to see in that moment. Sam.
**My thoughts**

I liked the first book in this series, Forbidden Mind. I really liked this one! The first book did its job. It needed to set up the series. You got the background of the Rent-A-Kid agency. You met all of the main characters, through whom the story is told. A lot of the action was more passive, as Sam and Drake were communicating primarily through their minds. A lot of the action was via those telepathic conversations, which even included some others.

This book has more actual action. Yes, they are still using telepathy to communicate with each other, but now the fit has hit the shan. Sam and Drake are "on the loose." Lucy and Luke are part of an uprising that forms a secret society. This part actually made me think of Harry Potter, where he and his friends form a secret band of students to fight back at school. The stakes her are just as dangerous.

Yes, people die. Yes, there are twists in the story. It's enough to keep you riveted as you flip through the pages. I can't wait to finish the series!


Kimberly Kinrade was born with ink in her veins and magic in her heart. She writes fantasy and paranormal stories for children, YA and adults and still believes in magic worlds. Check out her YA paranormal novels Forbidden Mind and Forbidden Fire and her illustrated children's fantasy chapter books Lexie World, and Bella World, all on Amazon.

She lives with her three little girls who think they're ninja princesses with super powers, her two dogs who think they're humans and her husband, also known as the sexy Russian Prince, who is the love of her life and writing partner.

For a list of her books, check out:

For a fun fan experience, join the team at I.P.I. at

For kids and parents of young kids, join the Lost Kids at

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The Mass Appeal of YA Literature - Guest Post by Kimberly Kinrade

Welcome to the Innovative Online Book Tours promotion of Kimberly Kinrade's Forbidden series!

Today, I am letting Kimberly invade my blog again, this time with thoughts on the mass appeal of YA literature. Thanks for stopping by!

The Mass Appeal of YA Fiction -
It's Not Just For Teens
Guest Post by Kimberly Kinrade 

Chances are you or someone you love is addicted to Young Adult fiction. In all likelihood, you know many non-teens who fall into this category. For those who just don't understand the fascination, or who worry about your loved one's mental health, I'm here to help.

Young Adult fiction didn't start as a genre so much as an age classification for books. Depending on who you ask, (or what you read) YA lit falls somewhere between Middle Grade and Adult literature and is typically known for its teen protagonist going through coming-of-age type journeys.

However, it has sparked a reading revolution among a wide age demographic. Young teens to middle aged adults are obsessed with YA books—and the big question on many people's minds is why? Perhaps you are wondering that about your loved one. Or perhaps you too have a secret obsession with this genre-that's-not-a-genre, but don't totally understand why.

First, let's set the record straight. YA isn't a genre, per se. It's talked about like it is, but it isn't. Paranormal, romance, thriller, horror, mystery, literary fiction, sci fi, fantasy… these are genres—all of which you can find in the YA category. So if it's not a genre, and it's not just appealing to young adults, then what gives?

I know, it's confusing. Some of you may think YA lit is a gateway drug to fluff writing. Many attribute the wide-spread popularity of YA lit to the 'simplistic writing'—the argument being that people don't want to have to use their brains when they read, and YA is brainless (or something along those ridiculous and insulting lines.)

Don’t get me wrong, there's some brainless, simplistic YA out there. Just as there's the same for thriller, horror, mystery, etc. That's true of any genre (yes, okay, we'll call it a genre for sake of clarity and ease of communication, just remember, it's not really a genre.) As someone who reads and writes YA fiction (as well as children's literature and adult fiction) I find this explanation simplistic and offensive.

Sure, we want to be entertained when we read. We crave escapism and adventure. That doesn't mean the writing is bleh or that we're all mindless morons. It just means we might not always be in the mood for War and Peace. (And honestly, who is ever in the mood for that?)

So what's the appeal? Based on what I've seen, read and heard… here are my thoughts.

One, YA is largely dominated by female authors, and female readers. That's not to say that men and boys don't enjoy reading and writing YA, but they are not the primary demographic on either side of the coin. (And please don't ask me to site sources, this is a blog, not a literary journal… a quick Google search will show this to be true.)

Perhaps because of this, YA has more strong, intelligent, kick-butt female protagonist than nearly any other genre, ever. (With epic fantasy probably being last on the list, following thrillers… this is not statistically proven, just my guess based on what I've read. And of course, there are exceptions. Just not many.) As a woman myself, I love reading about strong women and girls who are faced with hard choices and challenges and come away even stronger. I relate to them, just as many of you do. Just as our teen daughters do. It's empowering.

For this alone, the YA genre lends itself to popularity. But I think it's more than that. Within YA, you can find any genre you like, be it mystery, romance, thrillers, horror, sci fi, fantasy, paranormal… but they will all have some basic similarities that account for much of these books' appeal—the coming of age theme.

In any coming of age story, you're dealing with thematic elements that touch on deep emotional memories for most of us. We may not relate to a middle aged male detective chasing a serial killer, or an elf killing Orc's with a giant sword, but probably all of us can relate to a teenager falling in love for the first time, or feeling trapped and helpless in a situation not of their making (or of their making.)

We've all been there, and in these books, we get to go back with the wizened eyes of age and experience and relive what we once lived, but with more grace and control. We get to escape from the drudgery of dishes and grocery shopping and cooking and working and join a girl who has to fight to stay alive and provide for her family. We get to find love with a mythical being beyond reality, or battle side by side with our best friends as we face off against evil teachers and bad wizards. No matter how magical, mythical or outside of reality the plot is, the internal drive and quest and hardships are the same.

It also provides a sense of wish fulfillment. We've been there on one level, but we haven't. Now we get to be the popular girl, or the girl who can read minds, or the one who finds eternal love. We live thousands of lives through the pages in these books, lives that are just starting out, lives that are on the cusp of unfolding into greatness. You can't get that same magic anywhere else. It's the magic of YA, that we get to begin anew each time we pick up a new book to read.

For teens, the journey is different. They are still living it, and so can relate to their paged peers. But they also get to see into the future by surviving the Hunger Games with Katniss or living happily ever after with Edward. They get to imagine their futures a hundred different ways—and they, like us adults, enjoy the wish fulfillment of these stories.

It's a powerful drive, the emotional memories and fantasies that all genre of YA books stir in us. Is it any wonder that it's so addictive? Within one massive genre-that's-not-a-genre, we get to relive the emotional intensity of our own coming-of-age. And in the end, aren't we all still going through these moments, if in a less dramatic way? We all live through new beginnings and endings, heartbreak and rebirths, closed doors and open windows. When we feel hopeless or stuck, a great YA novel brings us back to a place of hope and opportunity where anything and everything is possible, if we just turn the next page in our books—and our lives.

Kimberly Kinrade was born with ink in her veins and magic in her heart. She writes fantasy and paranormal stories for children, YA and adults and still believes in magic worlds. Check out her YA paranormal novels Forbidden Mind and Forbidden Fire and her illustrated children's fantasy chapter books Lexie World, and Bella World, all on Amazon.

She lives with her three little girls who think they're ninja princesses with super powers, her two dogs who think they're humans and her husband, also known as the sexy Russian Prince, who is the love of her life and writing partner.

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