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Read an excerpt from Illusions by Madeline J. Reynolds with Giveaway

Welcome to the blog tour for Illusions by Madeline J. Reynolds! I have an excerpt for you today to entice you to download your own copy. If you follow the tour, you'll see more excerpts, book reviews, and other fun. Please remember to also enter the giveaway!


by Madeline J. Reynolds

Genre: YA Fantasy/Historical Victorian
Release Date: November 6th 2018
Entangled Teen


Dear Thomas,

I know you're angry. It's true, I was sent to expose your mentor as a fraud illusionist, and instead I have put your secret in jeopardy. I fear I have even put your life in jeopardy. For that I can only beg your forgiveness. I've fallen for you. You know I have. And I never wanted to create a rift between us, but if it means protecting you from those who wish you dead—I'll do it. I'll do anything to keep you safe, whatever the sacrifice. Please forgive me for all I've done and what I'm about to do next. I promise, it's one magic trick no one will ever see coming.


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Read an excerpt:
I feel dreadful for what I am about to write, but being that this journal is meant for no eyes but my own… I shall confess, part of me wished that his bones truly had broken after his fall. It is terrible for me to wish injury upon the man, truly. But my dread in anticipation of this performance far outweighs any guilt plaguing my dark thoughts. 
Mother and Father have retired to their bedroom for the night, so I shall get in some more practice. I was contemplating using a vase as my subject once again, but with the risk of having it fall to the floor and shatter, it would be best to use a small candle.

There are two scenarios:

One, I fail like I did in rehearsal today and make a fool of Neville.

Or two, even worse…I succeed.

I have to at least try to get this down. There is no reasoning with the man, and surely, if my secret does not kill me, he will.

About Madeline J. Reynolds

Madeline J. Reynolds is a YA fantasy author living in Chicago. Originally from Minneapolis, she has a background in journalism and has always loved storytelling in its various forms. When not writing, she can be found exploring the city, eating Thai food, or lost in an epic Lord of the Rings marathon.

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Willow Bloom and the Dream Keepers by E.V. Farrell

Welcome to the book blast for Willow Bloom and the Dream Keepers, a new YA fantasy from E.V. Farell. Please enjoy an excerpt and then download your own copy. Follow the tour to leave comments and questions for the author along the way, and then be sure to enter the giveaway at each stop!

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Willow Bloom and the Dream Keepers

Willow Bloom’s biggest challenge is to organise her thirteenth birthday party. However, a walk in the woods near her home provides some big surprises – a mystical guardian from another world, a magical forest, and the discovery that her parents are part of a secret order that protects dreams. With the discovery comes a calling. A prophecy tells of a young one who can push back the dark forces that threaten to corrupt our hopes and dreams. Is Willow that young one? Can she take on the forces of evil, the Underlord Maliceius, and win?

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Read an excerpt:
Willow swallowed uncomfortably at the unexpected sadness in her mother’s words. She held back a few moments. “Mum,” she said softly, “why hasn’t there been a Light Keeper in our family for so long? And what exactly is a Light Keeper?”

Her mother didn’t answer straight away; there was a faraway look in her eyes.

“Those are big questions, Willow, that require big answers.”

Audrey slowly tucked her hair behind her ears then crossed her arms on the table.

“There haven’t been many Light Keepers anywhere for over a century and there are very good reasons as to why, and we will tell you. But just not right now – not all at once. And why I haven’t been Awakened – well, I wasn’t chosen. Simple as that.”

She lowered her eyes.

Willow stared at her mother. She wanted to say something but felt completely lost for words. So she had been chosen and her mother not? Why?

About E.V. Farrell

E.V. Farrell lives in rural Victoria with her husband and two sons. This is her first novel.

Twitter @ev_farrell


E.V. Farrell will be awarding the use of the winner's name in the sequel to Willow Bloom and the Dream Keepers to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Meet Krysten Lindsay Hager, author of Can Dreams Come True?

Welcome to the book tour for Can Dreams Come True? by Krysten Lindsay Hager. Get to know her and the book a little bit better with this exclusive interview. I also had the opportunity to read the book, so I've included my honest review. Be sure to ask leave her more questions and comments and then follow the tour for more insights. There's also a giveaway to check out!

Please note that affiliate links are present within this post. Should you make a purchase through one, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I also received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

What was the inspiration behind this book?
I wanted to take a normal high school girl and give her the opportunity to have a chance to experience the life she’s dreamed about to see if it was what she truly wanted. I had her get to be in her favorite singer’s music video (she’s always wanted to act) and then get to know and date him. I thought it would be interesting seeing what it was like to date your ultimate crush.
What kind of research did you have to do for it?
I read a ton of music biographies and autobiographies and watch a lot of music biographies and documentaries. I wanted a wide range of experiences so I had everyone from Taylor Swift to Kurt Cobain, Elvis, Ed Sheeran, George Michael, Marvin Gaye, and more.
Which character was your favorite to write?
Lila, the best friend, was actually the most fun to write because she reminded me of how my best friend and I talk.
To which character did you relate the most?
In the beginning I assumed I’d relate to Cecily the most, but as I was writing it I also related to Lila and Andrew. I didn’t expect to relate to the pop star character so much, but as the story went on and I realized this was going to be a series, I saw him differently.
What was one of your favorite scenes?
I love the scene where Cecily is on a date with Andrew and she doesn’t want him to know what a big fan she is of his, but it’s on her mind and she slips up a few times. She’ll be with him as he tells her something and she’s thinking, “I know.” It cracked me up every time. I also loved writing the music video scenes—especially behind the scenes where she and Andrew get to know each other.
Will we see these characters again?
Yes, I just finished writing the sequel to the book!
Why should we read your book?
So many of the reviewers have said the book makes the whole dating the pop star thing feel like it could really happen, so if you like books that help you escape into that fantasy then this is the book for you!
What do you hope people will get out of your book?
I hope they find some escapism and also see the sweet relationship and the fact that Andrew’s pop star life isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. There’s a nice sense of family and friendship in the book, too, and I think it’s a comfort read.
How do you make yourself stand out in this genre?
I use a lot of humor, which you don’t always find in YA romances. My characters are funny and very real.
Tell us about your other published works.
I have a funny YA book called, Dating the It Guy, about a teen who goes out with the popular senator’s son and what’s it’s like to suddenly be in a different social group in high school. I also have a YA beach book series (Next Door to a Star and Competing with the Star), about a girl who moves to a beach town and finds herself living next door to a teen TV star. I also write a middle school series called the Landry’s True Colors Series dealing with friends, frenemies, and first crushes.
On what are you currently working?
I just finished the sequel to Can Dreams Come True and I’m also working on some adult books and another YA book.
What is the best writing advice you ever received?
To take as many classes and go to as many conferences and workshops as you can before you start writing and submitting your work.
What are you currently reading? Up next on your TBR?
I just finished Save Me, Kurt Cobain, and I read a lot of the current event books you see on the news. I’m also in mysteries.
When not writing, what can we find you doing?
I’m a TV addict. I love movies, too. I’ve been re-watching the show Psych a lot lately.
What is something on your bucket list you have accomplished? Want to accomplish?
I always wanted to be on Book Notes and I got to do that this year and read part of Dating the It Guy. You can see it here:


Can Dreams Come True?

Cecily has always had a huge crush on singer Andrew Holiday and she wants to be an actress, so she tags along when her friend auditions for his new video. However, the director isn’t looking for an actress, but rather the girl next door—and so is Andrew. Cecily gets a part in the video and all of Andrew’s attention on the set. Her friend begins to see red and Cecily’s boyfriend is seeing green—as in major jealousy. A misunderstanding leaves Cecily and her boyfriend on the outs and Andrew hopes to pick up the pieces as he’s looking for someone more stable in his life than the models he’s dated. Soon Cecily begins to realize Andrew understands her more than her small-town boyfriend—but can her perfect love match really be her favorite rock star?

Read an excerpt:
I started to feel anxious after lunch. After all, I had been an Andrew fan for a long time, and even though I had seen him in person, this was a huge deal to get to meet him. What if he wasn’t what I had imagined? I didn’t expect him to fawn over me or anything, but what if he was rude or ignored me? It would kill my fantasy of him as being this sweet, quiet, sensitive songwriter who wore his heart on his sleeve while also being kind of a loner/rebel with just a touch of bad boy in him. Oh man, I would be crushed if he didn’t notice me or worse—if he ended up flirting with Harlow.

In all his magazine interviews Andrew always said looks weren’t important to him, and what he noticed in a girl was if she was true to herself. He said he went for “bright girls who were sweet and easy to be with.” Now that I thought about it, that was the kind of fake crap magazines put out about all the teen celebrities. It was like when I saw Lawrence Claibourne, my favorite actor who claimed to be Mr. I’m-just-looking-for-a-sweetgirl-to-read-poetry-to on a red carpet with a model whose boobs were falling out of her dress and had overdone the lip fillers—I mean, you just knew he wasn’t into her for her personality. But Andrew wasn’t like Lawrence. Andrew seemed so sincere and deep. Lawrence had a smirk and you could tell he was a player, but Andrew seemed like he had been hurt and needed to find the right girl who he could open up to and learn to trust again. . .or at least that’s what he said in his last interview.

The final bell rang and my heart shot up to my throat. This was it. I was on my way to meet my crush. From now on, any dreams of him would be marred by the reality I was about to face.

Was it better to keep wondering what if and keep the fantasy alive or to go and actually meet him?

Buy links:
I was first intrigued by the idea of this story, because the idea of being love with a celebrity and dreaming of making him my own is a fantasy that I think most of us have had for a long time. And that magical moment when you finally get to meet your idol is one that you can never replace. I've done that before. But it actually turning into a romantic encounter? Sure, I've read a lot of rock star romances, but never one at the YA level. So of course, I had to give this one a go.

I feel sorry for Cecily at first. She does have some confidence in there, but it is currently pushed way down with her introverted tendencies. You can see it hovering just under the surface. I think her boyfriend Zach is a tool who is too hung up on his ex-girlfriend, always comparing Cecily to Tanna, though he definitely has a lot on his plate at home. Other people are always comparing Cecily to Tanna. And I may just have a Tanna thing leftover from my own high school days.

Her friend Harlow is also annoying. I can't stand those girls who think they are greater than everyone else and belittle everyone around them. Her other friends seem to like to rip on her for her interests and choices in life. Poor Cecily just wants to fit in for the most part and allows people to pretty much walk all over her, but is slowly starting to hold onto her personal beliefs.

But then when she goes to the audition with Harlow to be in Andrew Holiday's new video, merely as moral support, and ends up being chose by Andrew himself to be in the video because of who she truly is, things begin to change for her. She learns how to be comfortable in her own skin and what it means to truly have a connection with another person on a deeper level than the usual superficial level. She has so much more maturity than the other girls in her life, which helps explain why this massive rock star pays attention to her.

I think more readers will identify with Cecily's struggles as an introverted teenager trying to make her way in this world than they think they will. I think that Andrew in indicative of what a lot of girls want in their boyfriend, even when you take out the celebrity status. He is real with depth and emotions and maturity, which is what makes for a better relationship in the long run as it is.

I appreciate how this is a clean romance and just felt more realistic than a lot of other YA romances, even though Cecily is doing the unthinkable in starting a relationship with her favorite singer. I understand there is a sequel to the book and I look forward to checking it out.

About Krysten Lindsay Hager

Krysten Lindsay Hager writes about friendship, self-esteem, fitting in, frenemies, crushes, fame, first loves, and values. She is the author of True Colors, Best Friends...Forever?, Next Door to a Star, Landry in Like, Competing with the Star, Dating the It Guy, and Can Dreams Come True? True Colors, won the Readers Favorite award for best preteen book and the Dayton Book Expo Bestseller Award for children/teens. Competing with the Star is a Readers' Favorite Book Award Finalist.

Krysten's work has been featured in USA Today, The Flint Journal, the Grand Haven Tribune, the Beavercreek Current, the Bellbrook Times, Springfield News-Sun, Grand Blanc View, Dayton Daily News and on the talk show Living Dayton.







Krysten Lindsay Hager will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Author Jen Crane's Top 10 Favorite Books

Welcome to the book tour for Sun Scorched by Jen Crane! For today's stop, author Jen Crane is sharing her Top 10 Favorite Books. How do yours stack up? Be sure to let her know in the comments! Also please check out her book and then follow the rest of the tour for even more fun.

Please note that affiliate links are present within this post. Should you make a purchase through one, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Top Ten Favorite Books, in no particular order:

1 - Pride and Prejudice (Austen) 

2 - Anne of Green Gables (Montgomery) 

3 - The Princess Bride (Goldman)

4 - A Game of Thrones (Martin) 

5 - Outlander (Gabaldon)

6 - Darkfever (Moning)

7 - Throne of Glass (Maas)

8 - Wuthering Heights (Brontë)

9 - Prisoner of Azkaban (Rowling)

10 - Educated (Westover)


by Jen Crane
Genre: YA Sci-fi/Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic
Release Date: October 23rd 2018


Death in daylight. Danger at dark.

Life can’t possibly get more treacherous than a violent sun allergy in a solar-blighted world. At least that’s what seventeen-year-old Nori Chisholm thought before news of an impending sunscorch delivered her death sentence.

Desperate to survive the scorch, she’s forced to shelter underground and discovers a secret subterranean world where life is hard, and so are the people. Betrayed and left for dead by the man who pledged to help her, Nori is sold to a gritty pit fighting ring. There she makes a friend—and plenty of enemies.

Sam Cooper’s motives are at times impenetrable, but speeding through the underground world on the back of his motorcycle is a dark freedom Nori can’t live without. On the run from a group of cutthroat rogues, their escape takes an unexpected twist. A shocking discovery shatters everything they thought they knew. Can they use the knowledge to save what’s left of the world?

Winner of the Rosemary Award for excellence in young adult fiction, Sunscorched is a tale of survival and self-discovery at breakneck speed. Fans of Bella Forrest and Marie Lu, who crave dangerous heroes and dark secrets, will love the Sunscorched world.

Purchase Links

About Jen Crane

Though she grew up on a working cattle ranch, it's fantasy and sci-fi that shine Jen Crane's saddle. Her newest novel, Sunscorched, received the 2017 Rosemary Award for excellence in young adult fiction.

Book 2 in Jen's fantasy romance series, Descended of Dragons, was selected by iTunes/iBooks as "Our Pick" in fantasy/sci-fi.

Jen has a master’s degree and solid work histories in government and non-profit administration. But just in the nick of time she pronounced life *too real* for nonfiction. She now creates endearing characters and alternate realms filled with adventure, magic, and love. She lives in The South with her family and too many pets.

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Read an excerpt from Zosma (The Lost Children of Andromeda) by Jason Michael

Welcome to the book tour for Zosma by Jason Michael Primrose. This is the first book in the Lost Children of Andromeda series. I'm sharing an exclusive excerpt with you today, to check out before you download your own copy from your favorite retailer. You can follow the tour to read reviews, interviews, and more. Plus there's a great giveaway for FIVE paperbacks to enter!

Please note that affiliate links are present within this post. Should you make a purchase through one, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Zosma (The Lost Children of Andromeda)


Zosma opens the series on Earth in 2052 A.D. as Allister Adams, a young superhuman, begins his search for the planet’s possible savior: Zosma Caster. Zosma is an intergalactic refugee and the vessel for an otherworldly energy source from the Andromeda Galaxy. The rogue organization C20 has been interested in Zosma’s power, but are its intentions entirely pure? Allister’s search for an alien becomes a search for truth as the walls, literally and figuratively, are closing in.

Zosma is the first in the series The Lost Children of Andromeda. Inspired by his personal journey of self-discovery, Jason Primrose has created a world in which even superhumans are challenged by the effects of greed, fear, and natural disasters. The apocalyptic tale explores the themes of reality vs. perception, human extinction and climate change, diversity of thought, and resilience.

Book links

Read an excerpt:
Abandoned C20 HQ, Former Middle East
Foolish and fast, Allister powered toward the storm, his forearms acting as shields, and when he got to its outer rim he dove in, face turned away. Allister veered sideways, losing momentum, and surrendered to gale force. His stride slowed. He sank low to listen and kept both heels up, balancing on his toes, fingertips pressed in the sand.

“We’re under attack, detective!” a robust voice shouted. “Might be one of those goddamn superhumans you warned us about.”

Assuming the soldier’s communication had been routed through Cynque, he watched their formation restructure. Hand gestures commanded action from the cavalry, and they scampered to new posts, preparing their weapons to shoot whatever came through the cloud. Their expressions, hidden beneath helmet visors, failed to shroud their uncertain voices.

“Get ready!” Allister heard a different man scream, holding back none of his frenzy.

They’d gone through rigorous training in preparation for C20’s retaliation, but perhaps they didn’t train for him.

The elemental distraction had backfired, in that now, they’d dispatched to the middle entrance he’d planned to use.

An act that called for more running. Allister pivoted to the side, dodging a plasma blast, fast enough for it to miss, slow enough for him to feel the burn as it passed his ribs. An uppercut to the gut knocked the wind out of the attacking soldier and he doubled over. One down. Another soldier came at him, feet behind the first. Allister threw an elbow at his face. The soldier spun out and landed on his back. Two down. A third soldier swung a right hook. Allister blocked the punch, evaded a blast, crushed the weapon’s barrel, and threw the soldier over his shoulder. Three down. He served violence cold, zipping through to the middle, taking out soldiers as they filed in to halt his infiltration. The last thing he’d wanted was a brawl, yet, after five minutes, he stood surrounded by dozens of unconscious bodies and subsiding winds.

He hopped over the U.S. soldiers, ever cautious of their recovery or the chance he’d missed one in his haste. He clambered up a dune to a somewhat submerged window. Whoomph. His palm hit the concrete wall. Allister’s hand stung from striking it, but he needed the grip to keep from sliding backward. He heel-kicked the window’s edge. It splintered. In the same fashion, he kicked it once more. Fractures wove a web on its surface, and the glass shattered.

A true gentleman, he let the sand enter first then lowered his head to peer in. Empty. Hesitation harnessed around his waist, he hovered at the edge as the hourglass in his mind ran out of sand. He had to keep moving.

His shoes crunched against the sand ridden floor. His breath shortened. His stomach tightened. It sank in. He’d volunteered to revisit the place where he’d lost the pillar of his being, Dolores Edna Adams. Two months prior, April 2052, C20 had captured his mother, Dolores. Allister led the charge to C20’s doorstep to rescue her. A noble effort complicated by the organization’s motives. They wanted him to come. And they wanted him to come alone.

His colleagues, Dr. Florence Belladonna and Lieutenant Leesa Delemar came after him, even when they were ordered not to. The showdown ended with the devastating energy pulse from Leesa, which neutralized the base, Florence’s imprisonment and...

He pressed his hand on the nearest wall. The woozy sensation derailed his progress. If he closed his eyes, he’d see the heart-wrenching moments in high-definition, so he kept them open until they dried from the heat and blinking became reflex. An unexpected reunion with facets of his humanity that had been destroyed there—his purity (if nothing else).

Allister told himself to keep moving. And he did, one foot, then the other, and again. There was less at stake this time around, and still, he found himself performing the same choreography as the last visit. Lukewarm, sheeted metal protested his heavy hand’s need for support as he traversed the musty hallway, heading opposite the dome. The creaks were normal, a result of a foundation built on shifty earth. His vision adjusted to darkness revealing a canopy of wiry, metal nooses and a field of jagged steel scraps, bordered by a forest of dented paneling. Leesa’s telekinetic handiwork.

The wall creaked louder, shouting at him. He swiveled to it and the wall creaked again, not shouting, he’d misjudged. It was warning him to move farther, faster. Its distress brought his attention to the rotting wounds, creases in the metal wall gaining weight and folding over themselves, spreading past him into the dark. The ceiling slid closer to his bun’s curled tips.

Hint taken, he swapped caution for speed. The floor caved and tumbled soon after. As if fueled by their own preservation, each knee lifted double time to carry him out of danger. He dove onto sturdier ground, rolled and thumped a door as the wall and the floor’s final slabs crashed below.

He spent seconds on his bum; skull rested against the door, staring at dust and debris-riddled air. Catching his breath, knowing he could spare seconds at most, he felt a full minute’s burdensome and unwarranted arrival. More seconds passed. He said goodbye to another wasted minute. Time continued to slip from his grasp, it fell and unraveled like yarn, while he, the kitten, pawed at it, hoping to bring it closer, to reclaim it as his own. He needed to keep moving.

Allister rebounded to his feet, faced the door, and was confronted by a name placard affixed to the office’s frosted glass: Captain Jared Brandt, C20’s leader.

“Lying son of a—” He punched at the glass. It didn’t put up a fight and broke down the middle, leaving fragments in its corners.

About the Author
Jason Michael Primrose has been creating alternate worlds and characters since childhood. For nearly ten years, he has used his unique storytelling gift to impact the entertainment, fashion, and tech consumer product industries. His experience spans brand strategy, creative direction, retail merchandising, and influencer/celebrity partnerships.
#zosma #lostchildrenofandromeda

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Book Release! Kismet & Karma by Robin Daniels with Giveaway

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Welcome to the Release Blitz for
Kismet & Karma
By Robin Daniels

Learn more about this YA duology, about its characters, and enter the giveaway below...and stay tuned to this blog for my upcoming reviews during the book tour!

Kismet & Karma
(Fate & Fortune #2)
By Robin Daniels
YA Contemporary Romance, Duology
ebook, 184 Pages
October 25th 2018

Bryce and Paige belong together, but they’ll never make it happen alone. When inspiration strikes in multiple ways, a friend decides it can’t be a coincidence; it’s a call to action. With a little luck, the help of fate, and the matchmaking plan of the century, Bryce and Paige just might get their happy ending.

You heard Paige and Bryce's version of the story in Fate & Fortune. Now join Eric, Amy, Cody, Kennedy and Genie to see how things really went down.

***This book completes the series. Book one can be read as a standalone, but book two cannot. Fate & Fortune should be read first.***


Please note these are my Amazon affiliate links. Should you make a purchase through it, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

The Cast of Kismet & Karma

Meet the cast of Kismet & Karma – personalities revealed through their astrological signs!

Paige – Taurus (April 24th) Paige proved her reliability, patience and devotion during her relationship with Jason. Like a true Taurus, she hates the sudden changes and complications in her love life. Pair that with her stubborn streak, and it’s no wonder she needs help to recognize what’s right in front of her; a gift in the form of her greatest passion—novel worthy romance. 

Bryce – Virgo (September 15th) As a Virgo he’s loyal, kind and hardworking. He’s always thought his practicality and desire to stay out of the spotlight were good things. But now he wonders if they’ve only kept Paige from noticing him. Bryce has started to realize that if he wants to get the girl, he must cast aside his careful nature. Good thing he has a magic Genie to help him do just that.

Amy – Aquarius (February 11th) She’s original, independent, a good listener and cares deeply about others. This makes her a great best friend and the only voice of reason Paige will listen to. But Amy’s also inherited some of the less attractive Aquarius attributes; namely her tendency to be temperamental and emotionally withdrawn. Lucky for Amy, there’s a special guy who’s crazy about her, flaws and all. 

Eric – Scorpio (November 12th) Eric is a true friend. It’s one of the many positive traits held by Scorpios. He’s passionate, dedicated, resourceful and determined to help his baby sister. Of course, that might be easier if he wasn’t so distrusting and secretive. Let’s not forget the fact that he’s a tinsy bit jealous by nature. But hey, some women find that sort of thing attractive. And if that’s not enough, he’s got those dazzling dimples for backup.

Kennedy – Leo (July 31st) Ken’s a Leo, through and through. She loves theater, hanging with her friends, expensive clothes and being admired. But as the baby of the group, she often feels ignored or left out. It’s her absolute biggest pet peeve. Ken’s admittedly a little self-centered though she’s got a big, warm, generous heart. Fate will soon put her creativity and passion to good use, and she’s all for it.

Cody – Sagittarius (Despite his September 15th birthdate.) Clearly, Cody was born under the wrong sign. Extremely extroverted, he’s the total opposite of his very Virgo twin—definitely an honorary Sagittarius. Cody’s constant antics and humor are charming, which makes the group willing to overlook his impatient and sometimes tactless ways. Optimistic and enthusiastic, he’ll do anything to achieve his goal: getting Bryce to pull his head out of his butt and man up.

Genie – Aries (April 1st) As an April Fools baby, it’s fitting that Genie be the most essential part of such an outrageous plan. But like all Aries, she’s confident and optimistic that she can get the job done. Frustrated by people who don’t use their talents, she jumps at the chance to showcase her own. Sure, Bryce often brings out her aggressive, moody and impatient side, but she likes a good challenge. Plus, who’d have thought she’d gain so many good (and hot) friends?

This cast is super fun and you’re sure to get some good laughs. Fate and Fortune (Book One) shares the crazy week the as told by Paige and Bryce. But if you want the REAL story, check out Kismet and Karma (Book Two) to see how everything actually went down.

Other Books in the Series

Fate & Fortune
(Fate & Fortune #1)
By Robin Daniels
YA Contemporary Romance, Duology
ebook, 279 Pages
September 20th 2018

Bryce has liked Paige since they were little but has never had the guts to act on his feelings. Paige is devastated over being dumped by her long-time boyfriend and can’t seem to move on. They’re stuck in a rut, until fate decides to pull them out.

Both Paige and Bryce are talked into seeing a fortune teller at the annual Summer’s End Carnival. Neither of them buys into the mysticism, until the psychic’s predictions start coming true. Now, the most bizarre things are happening and there isn’t a clear explanation. Each of them must figure out if they’re the subject of an elaborate hoax or a bigger plan forged by destiny.

*This book is part one of two. Books should be read sequentially.

Upcoming Tour

The series will be on tour November 5 - 17!
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About the Author

The most important thing to know about me is that I'm basically a sixteen-year-old trapped in an adult's body. It's why I feel such a great connection to all of my characters and why I love to write romantic comedy. The kid in me just wants to be goofy. Besides being a writer; I'm a wife, mother of five, volleyball enthusiast and home decorating guru. My list of favorites includes: reading, Christmas, pedicures, dessert, steak, Arizona winters and most importantly, Diet Coke.

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