Monday, September 28, 2015

#FREE read! 'Fierceberry: Family Honor' by Moda Mahones


Based on a true Teen Romance story inspired from an On-line Fashion Store:

Leaving the security of your small town is a challenge that many young women face just about every day throughout the US and that challenge hasn’t gotten any easier even today.

Meet Carmela Vandale, an 18 year old girl who is about to graduate high school and will have to face that same challenge, or does she?

Carmela’s choices seem so much tougher when she must choose between honoring her mother’s wishes to stay in her secure small Indiana town or to follow her heart on the role of a dice challenges of starting a new life in Miami with her successful pastry chef fiancé.

It’s not a simple choice for a small town girl when you factor in her sick father, an over protective mother, a strained relationship with her distant fiancé, college choices, the unknowns of a new big city along with a shrinking window of time to decide.

Carmela may just find the choice to leave her small town too much with only the letters from her fiancé and orders from a Florida based Fashion Store called Fierce Berry keeping her desire to leave alive. Will Carmela finally decide to leave or will she let the love of her life go to appease her mother’s demands? How much time will her fiancé give her to make up her mind before he decides to move on?

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About the author:

Moda Mahones is a former model, author and entrepreneur, owner of the Fierce Berry Fashion store who loves to listen to the stories her fashion sense has inspired in her customers. She lives in the Tampa Bay area, but has customers and fans from around the world.

"Years in the fashion business have taught me that the best stories don’t come from where we think they should come from but from the hearts and experiences of the dedicated customers."