Wednesday, December 30, 2015

'The Confession: A True Story' by Prakash

Teenage, the time of life that is recognized by disorientation and discovery often drives one into going about finding thrill and adventure in life, sometimes resorting to the wrongs. The conscience however refuses to give up on the good old learning at just the price of thrill and adventure.

'The Confession' is one such story straight from the memories of my good old days in Amravati.

It is about an untold incident Ameet and I experienced.
It is about the mischief that gave us the thrill.
It is about the bad conscience that forced us into confessing.

Hope you enjoy the story as much as I did while putting it into words.

About the author:

This is my debut novel. It is a true story based on an incident from my own life. A mischief me and my friend did, and a confession we made.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

'The Crystal Snowflake' by Leigh Gillery


For the past eleven years, Elena has called a different realm home, a realm void of magic. Facing her 18th birthday, she's an unpopular wallflower, plagued by dreams of a beautiful woman much like her, and voices crying for help in the dark.

When Kellan, the gorgeous stranger with enchanting green eyes and almost medieval clothing, claims to know the answers to her questions, Elena's world is turned upside-down. How could she possibly believe his fanciful tale of wizards, elves and fairies? Is she really a princess like Kellan says she is? Could the answers she seeks lead her back home to a magical kingdom and the evil Queen she was shielded from?

Author bio:

Leigh Gillery loves to write young adult fiction and will be releasing more in the future, including dystopian romance and more fantasy. She lives in Texarkana with her boyfriend and their dog.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

'Puzzle Trees' by Thom Mark Shepard

A high school freshman grapples with change, loss, and little green monsters.

Countless vampire and zombie novels have been published for young adults, but Puzzle Trees uniquely explores the impact of horror entertainment upon one vulnerable high school freshman.

The Story

High school freshman Joe Sheffield has only recently begun to control his obsession with all things grim and gruesome. But when two of his best friends move away, and his last best friend gravitates toward a new set of friends, Joe feels his dark fantasies and phobias returning with a vengeance, even as he is drawn to Gina, a mysterious bird-like classmate with her own dark secret.
While searching for his principal's kitten, Joe discovers that several cats have disappeared within a single day from his principal's neighborhood. Unable to accept a more rational explanation, he comes to believe that predatory green primates have moved among the "puzzle trees," those decaying woods that lie between his principal's house and his own. When Theo, his skeptical but equally troubled half-brother, pays Joe a surprise visit, they go hunting for these possibly real, possibly imaginary creatures. Their astonishing discovery opens the door to a deeper mystery, one with potentially tragic consequences, which Joe must face alone.

From the author:

"I am a librarian who has worked several years in public television, specializing in digital preservation. An earlier version of Puzzle Trees, titled The Green Apettes was a semi-finalist in the Amazon Young Adult contest, as well as a finalist in the Leapfrog Press Fiction Contest (Children's/Young Adult). I have won the Ellis Literary Award for Short Fiction, and have received a Pushcart Prize nomination."

Monday, December 21, 2015

'Supernatural Hero' by Eran Gadot Illustrations by Salit Krac


Beverly Hills Book Awards 2014 - Winner
Reader's Favorite Book contest 2014 - Silver
Medal IPPY Book Awards 2014 - Bronze
Medal Purple Dragonfly Book Awards 2014 - Honorable Mention
Indie Excellence Book Awards 2014 - Finalist
London Book Festival 2013 - Honorable Mention
Readers' Favorite: Book Reviews and Award Contest /Mamta Madhavan

5/5 review!"Supernatural Hero (Action & Adventure) (Comics & Graphic Novels) by Eran Gadot is a story that children can relate to easily. Andy is the typical nerd you will come across in your class. He is in grade six, skinny, wears glasses, and then falls in love with Zoe, the prettiest girl in his class. The twist in the story happens when Andy's grandfather dies and turns into a ghost. Now Andy has the power of seeing ghosts and communicating with them. He decides to use that power to the fullest. The paranormal activities make Andy a supernatural hero and the book is about the transformation of nerd Andy into a supernatural hero.

It is a very entertaining theme where one can relate to Andy and his nerdy behavior, which sees him being the butt of many jokes in class. The transformation of this nerdy boy is done very well and the change is fluid. It is the type of story that kids will find fascinating. The black and white sketches are beautiful and they give an individuality to the characters and the scenes. The manner in which Andy handles the situations in his life is noteworthy.

The theme covers everything that is part of a child's life: parents, school, friends, bullies, pretty girl, and much more. It is an entertaining read with a relatable character and exciting adventures that make it a fast paced story. Now from the nerd that he was, will this supernatural hero get the girl?"

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

'The Download' by Ann Strawn

Em and her friends are all ready to start high school. One of only two African Americans in her class, shy Em just wants to find her niche without making waves. Before freshman year is over she finds herself at the source of a technological tsunami.

The unwitting recipient of a mysterious app, Em starts getting text messages from guardian angels. She wants to fit in and tries to keep her gift secret. But the texts keep gettting more serious. When "mom" and "cancer" come up in the same text Em must decide if she can, or even wants, to control such powerful technology.

About the author:

Ann Strawn lives in Renton Washington with her husband, two daughters and ruling Boston terrier. Teens are her favorite kind of people, which works well when you teach middle school. She considers her job total immersion training for writing about kids, technology and social media.

Cell phones and texting are absolute essentials in a kid's world. Kind of like body parts but much more important. Ann wrote The Download to open a window into this reality and add a twist. If an angel wanted a word, why not through that tiny glowing screen?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

'A Rebel Star' by Alyssa Rae

Living atop the richest oil fields in Nigeria, the Ogoni people have battled for their rights against their own government and the greedy oil companies determined to take their lands. Chasing the secrets of her mother's past, Marienela leaves her privileged life in London to visit the Ogoni villages. There she will witness the destruction of the environment caused by none other than the oil company her father controls. She will meet rebels and soldiers. Writers and fighters. Face violence and corruption. And, through it all she will have to choose. Will Marienla return to the comfort and safety of her London home, or will she become…

A Rebel Star

Author bio:

Alyssa Rae was born in Massachussetts and currently resides in a small town in North Carolina. She is a devoted and enthusiastic reader, writer, and movie goer. Her debut novel, A Lions Pride, was published in early 2013. A Rebel Star is her second novel with many more projects soon to follow. 

Visit her online: