Tuesday, December 29, 2015

'The Crystal Snowflake' by Leigh Gillery


For the past eleven years, Elena has called a different realm home, a realm void of magic. Facing her 18th birthday, she's an unpopular wallflower, plagued by dreams of a beautiful woman much like her, and voices crying for help in the dark.

When Kellan, the gorgeous stranger with enchanting green eyes and almost medieval clothing, claims to know the answers to her questions, Elena's world is turned upside-down. How could she possibly believe his fanciful tale of wizards, elves and fairies? Is she really a princess like Kellan says she is? Could the answers she seeks lead her back home to a magical kingdom and the evil Queen she was shielded from?


Author bio:

Leigh Gillery loves to write young adult fiction and will be releasing more in the future, including dystopian romance and more fantasy. She lives in Texarkana with her boyfriend and their dog.

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