Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Young Adult Books on NPR

I found it highly amusing that after I launched this blog and then went over to Facebook to post it, there was the following post from NPR:

Hooray for YA: Teen Novels for Readers of All Ages

Apparently I am not the only one who has reading on the brain.

I have never heard of the books that they reviewed on here. Yet they seem interesting, so go ahead and check them out!


As I have been doing a lot of reading this summer, it has occurred to me that some books just do not fall into the adult nor children's categories. We have a lovely genre of books that are considered to be for the young adult population, even if we enjoy them in our 30s. For this reason, I am launching this new blog.

I will update it whenever I come across a young adult book that I feel needs to be shared. Some of my books are free for the Kindle. A few I have received directly from authors and publishers. Most of them I have come across on my own. Those received for review purposes will be clearly indicated in the post entry. All reviews will contain my honest opinions.

You can support my blog by purchasing books through the provided Amazon links.

Happy reading!