Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#99cent sale! 'Disappeared' The Complete Series by Bronwyn Kienapple


England, 1813. Lady Theodosia stumbles into a different universe—an astonishing, mystical forest where half-beings roam the ruins of an unknown civilization and a growing mist is preparing to destroy it forever. Torn between her family and the man she meets there, Ahuil, Theodosia is haunted by a question she cannot shake: in the face of terrible danger, how much is she willing to risk for love?

Read an excerpt:
Fireflies flickered in the darkness like sputtering candles. The man slept deeply in the treetops, unaware of anything but the sweetness of his dreams. Great clouds of mist swept along the ground, rolling in like a silent storm. The fog did not rise to his level, so he was unaware of its chill. 
The man turned over under his quilts, smiling reflexively in his sleep. Far away, at the fringes of his world, a wall of mist quivered and pushed in. Another inch of his world swallowed. How sweet is the sleep of innocence when we can block out the worst of existence for a brief moment.

The mist paused on the ground under his tree as if listening. It gathered around the trunk and tried to rise but something pushed it back down. It shimmered with deep frustration and then, unable to do anything else, it crept on. 
Not today. But soon.

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Bronwyn Kienapple is a Canadian writer and former publishing professional who quit her job to travel the world and write full time.

A constant traveler and reader, Bronwyn dreams of living among the rice paddies of Bali or taking the Trans-Siberian Railway across Russia. Her favorite books include The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Wintergirls, Fear of Flying, and anything by Mary Karr.

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