Thursday, October 20, 2016

Getting to Know Anonymous by Crissten Shadow

Getting to Know Anonymous

Barbara is ready to ace her last year in high school. She was confident nothing could go wrong. She is serious, dedicated and extremely cautious of the popular students. Besides, she is also having fun being the elusive writer called Anonymous. After a certain article was published by “Anonymous”, Barbara never thought her life would take a whole different turn. 

Brandon is a popular student not only because he is good at sports, but because he is smart, considerate and the kind of guy every girl wants to date. He falls into the role as Barbara’s tennis coach. Little did he know, that 1) She was totally hopeless at tennis and 2) Barbara’s teacher had just assigned her to a new assignment – to get invited to the dance by Brandon. 

When the two meet, it wasn’t love at first sight.

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About Crissten Shadow

Crissten Shadow had the urge to write ever since she first picked up Enid Blyton books at the age of seven. Her first attempt started when she was 12 years old. An ardent reader of not only Enid Blyton, she grew up reading mysteries to science fiction and romance. Her favourite romance series are historical masquerades. 

She is involved full time in the aviation industry and travels widely. Writing is her hobby, among others. Being a missionary is also a priority for her. In her free time, she conducts writer’s workshop for young adults. 

Her series of publication also includes juvenile-mystery book that was published in 2009 and she will be releasing the next series soon.

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