Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jill Cooper gives us insight into Lara Crane, from '15 Minutes'


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Today, Jill Cooper, author of 15 Minutes, gives us some insight into her character Lara Crane.

Lara Crane is being held against her will in a private hospital researching the effects of time travel on her brain. This is a list of her not so favorite things about being held captive.

1. The food. There’s only so much red and green jello a person can eat.

2. Restraints might be fun for some people, if you’re into that sort of thing, but the bruising has rubbed her skin raw.

3. The clothes. White scrubs and matching white sneakers make her stick out like a sore thumb, even among the orderlies.

4. The eyes. Everyone is always watching her, spying on her, and she never has a moments rest.

5. An object. Lara no longer feels like a person. She’s a test subject and nothing else.

6. Loneliness and despair. The longer she is trapped on the inside, the more Lara feels like less of a person and more like a case file. She’s losing her will to live.

7. The happy dreams. The happy dreams of the virtual reality they’ve created for her, remind Lara how much she misses her family, her sister. She misses everything about life, but does anyone actually miss her? Does anyone realize she’s gone at all?

8. The deception. Her captors never tell her the truth and Lara knows they are manipulating her, but she has to believe in something. It just sets her up for heartbreak.

9. The plans. Every plan she makes to escape, fails, just cementing her status as a no one who will never be free again.

10. The real world. The truth is the virtual reality that they’ve created for her is the only thing that can bring Lara comfort anymore. Parts of her want the fantasy instead of dealing with the harshness of her real life.

Can Lara fight against the will to give up and live in a fantasy world? Or can she fight back and stand to exist inside the real world again?

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