Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Book & Author Spotlight: 'Dazzle' by Amber Garza

The Book
By: Amber Garza

Sixteen-year-old Delaney Scott possesses a special gift. Ever since she was a child she has known about her calling and the duty she’s expected to fulfill. However, all Delaney wants is to be normal. That’s why she is drawn to Sam. He can offer her the life she’s always desired. Only Sam has secrets of his own. Secrets that are deadly. Secrets that can change everything.

Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Recommended Age Group
13 and Up

355 Pages

Amber Garza

Average Rating
5 of 5 Stars

What The Characters Are Saying
I stay with Sam even though I know it's all wrong. No one else makes me feel the way he does. It's as if when I'm with him something dormant in me comes alive. -- Delaney

Falling for Delaney would completely ruin everything. But there's just something about her, you know? She's different than I expected. She has a way of getting under my skin, despite my best efforts to keep her at a distance. -- Sam

She can help him find redemption. He can give her the life she wants. But falling in love will change everything. -- Sam and Delaney

Read my previous review here.

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The Author
Amber Garza

Amber Garza has had a passion for writing since she was a little girl, making books out of notebook paper and staples. Other than writing she is addicted to coffee, candy and reading. She lives in California with her husband, and two children.

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