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'Lily: The Witch Hunter' Book Tour & Review


YA Paranormal
Title: Lily the Witch Hunter - Ombinus 
Author: Emma Hart
Date Published: 9/27/12

Witches. Vampires. Werewolves. Demons.

Moving to Salem introduces Lily Mauve to a whole new world, one she is in the centre of.

If making new friends and falling in love isn't enough, there's also the fact she's a witch.

A witch destined to be a triple goddess and defeat the man who has hunted her kind for over three hundred years.

Faced with heartbreak, never-ending family secrets, lies and betrayal, she must stand strong and be the leader everyone knows she can be.

Lily thinks the war will end in Salem, because destroying Henry Luther is her birthright, isn't it?

**My thoughts**

I love witches. Out of all of the paranormal stories I have been reading this year, I have definitely decided that they are my favorite. And I really like Lily Mauve.

She is new to Salem, having been ripped away from her home and life in Colorado. Not only does she have to start all over with new friends and a new boyfriend, but she also has to come to terms with being a witch. She never knew that about herself before. Not only is she a witch, but she is the chosen one, on the verge of coming into her powers.

From the very beginning, Lily shows her strong personality. Her sarcastic nature serves her well as she has to fight off evil. Her strength is also contagious for her friends and family, as they stand beside her to fight and to hunt down Henry Luther. Everything seems to happen quite quickly for all of them, and it can be tough to know whom you can trust.

The antics of the teenagers make you roll your eyes as you giggle along with them. The action and questions keep the pages turning. You can also be grateful that the adventures of Lily Mauve are now available in this omnibus edition, so that you don't have to wait forever for the next installment, like when they were separate!

Author Bio
Emma Hart is a young mum/maid/launderette/personal chef/author who lives in Barnstaple,Devon in England. She lives with a man bearing the title fiancé who is incapable of picking up dirty socks and their one year old little monster who currently shouts 'quack' at everything.
When she's not writing or being mum, she enjoys sitting down with a good book to get five minutes peace, which almost never happens. She freely admits to hating talent shows on TV, (The Voice, Xfactor etc) but being completely addicted to them and unable to stop watching. Emma believes there are only two men in the world who can say they truly understand women – their names are Ben & Jerry – because if you didn't understand women, there's no way you could create ice-cream that good.
She also admits to being a bit eBay obsessive. You will find at least 200 items on her watch list at any one time. Little girl's shoes is another love of hers – just as well because her daughter grows incredibly quickly. Sadly, this is the only one of her obsessions she is able to justify.

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