Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"How Music Has Influenced My Life" Guest Post by Author Jennifer L. Fry

Welcome to the Virtual Book Tour for A Part to Play by Jennifer L. Fry. Today I am having her take over for a little bit, to tell you more about herself. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the rest of the tour, as well!

How Music Has Influenced My Life
By: Jennifer L. Fry

Music has created the soundtrack for my life. Each year or major event is inextricably linked with the songs of the time insomuch as when I hear a particular song, it elicits a visceral reaction from me. It is as close to time travel as I am likely to ever experience. Madonna's “Crazy For You” will forever take me back to the difficult years of my childhood while Morissette's “You Outta Know” always makes me think fondly of my high school best friend. Depeche Mode's Songs of Faith and Devotion is all about falling in love with my husband, and Jeff Buckley's “Hallelujah” so clearly ties me to the tragic death of a young friend.

Myself being rather rhythmically-challenged, and while able to carry a tune within a chorus, not a solo singer by any means, I've always had to admire music as an outsider. And yet, it is an art form that I can appreciate in a way that only other artists can – the musician expresses an idea through notes, melodies, chords, and poetry, while a novelist uses prose. Great music resonates with me. It makes me want to create something as consuming as the experience of being inside of a song. It makes me want to tell a powerful story that will move the reader, and help her find a new perspective.

In A Part to Play, my debut young adult novel, music has an incredibly important role in the story, just as it has in my own life. Music is the one thing Lucy has to cope when she loses her sister and it's also what helps her find her way throughout the story as she investigates the mysterious music coming from underground. Lucy relates to the art form of music because she is an artist as well, only she expresses herself on stage as an actress. She is inspired, as I am, to tell a story when she hears a beautiful song, and so she is awakened from her grief to rediscover her true talent.

And I know that Chris's music will be the soundtrack to that particular part of Lucy's life, shaping her memories, forever eliciting the thrill of first love and bittersweet loss, just as it has for me. Even in the fictional world, music still has that power.

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Jennifer L. Fry is a writer, artist, and teacher in Marin County, California, where she lives with her wonderful husband, two adorable dogs, and orange tabby cat. Though she has been writing since she was young, A PART TO PLAY is her first novel.




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  1. Thank you so much for hosting my novel today! I'm excited that Andrea enjoyed the book, and hope others will too.

    Blog readers - I named a few meaningful songs in my post - what's a song that defines a specific moment in your life?

  2. Nice video.