Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Inside a Young Soul by Nicole A. Schmidt

Inside a Young Soul

A heart-warming, bold and truly relatable poem anthology and workbook for young girls to truly explore and celebrate their beautiful nature.

Sample passages from the anthology:
"Why do I write if no one will read? 
Why do I share if no one will listen?"

"Part of me doesn’t want to share anymore, but that would make 
satan the victor 
I know that this is God’s gift and this is only a rift in my journey… 
So I’ll leave you with this "

"But this time I realize… 
We never had a chance 
Just small intervals of romance 
A steady rhythm, but an awkward dance"

"I fell aight 
Only my blood wasn’t red, it was clear 
It fell from my eyes in the form of endless tears "

"Now I’m stronger and it will definitely take me longer… 
to fall again"

"Love ain't enough 
Commitment is strong stuff 
But not worthy of this diamond in the rough"

"But let’s discuss the most important part of this matter 
My baby will not suffer ‘cuz of your selfishness and my insecurities 
We could try to work on the relationship we have now 
But since it’s obviously not workin’, let’s just stop milkin’ the cow 
You go your way and I’ll go mine 
And even if you decide to stay at least be fair… 
Change your mind and spare…the life of an unborn child"

"“Alone”ness is bliss 
I can’t prove it, but I know it’s better than this 
I’m drowning in an emotional abyss 
I actually felt happiness before that first kiss"

"A New Approach to Satisfaction, 
Never settling for just a fraction 
Of what I deserve, what I yearn, 
WHAT (as the descendant of some illustrious queen) I have earned 
God’s child 
A descendant of the Nile 
My positive energy runs wild – 
Like my hair…don’t stare, just be aware 
That a new creature is born – still a little scorned 
But satisfied"

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About Nicole A. Schmidt

Hailing from Long Island, New York, Nicole A. Schmidt moved to Maryland to attend the University of Maryland-College Park. She received subsequent degrees and certifications from Notre Dame of Maryland University and Bowie State University respectively. 

Schmidt (Schmidtty to her mentees) has taught high school English for the past seven years. She has always seen teaching as more than a job, more than a career; she views teaching as a divine calling. With that in mind, she became a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. whose core mission is to empower the community through education. 

Her passion for education and travel has taken her South America, Europe and as of February 2016, to Asia. Nicole currently resides in Shenzhen, China, teaching English. 

Additional info from the author: 
"I wrote these poems as a teenager to vent about the experiences I was having, how life was unfolding, but I published it as an adult to encourage and inspire teens to realize their own dreams." 

"I always wanted my students to have options, to live the life they chose as opposed to the one chosen for them. I wanted to be the example of such a life." 

Author info: 
Periscope: NAScreates 

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