Friday, January 31, 2014

'The Star of Jolanest (Tales From Tamara)' by Ellen Dawn Benefield


Accompanied by his mischievous stablelad, riding his randy dragonhorse and carrying a disenchanted sword-- lovestruck weasel-phobic Jarby goes on a zany quest to find a lost treasure for his beloved barmaid's dowry into the unknown Wild Lands. Following a tattered map they cross The Shaggy Goat Mountains to search for the source of Chocolate and the lost city of Jolanest. They are joined by 2 tail kicking barbarian maidens in a land filled with surprises-_including the high price on Jarby's own head. (I'll let you decide which author photo you prefer.

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Author bio:

I've had stories published in Computer Edge, Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine and the Wyrd Wravings Anthology of Funny Speculative Fiction. I've also taken 5 Honorable Mentions in the Writers of the Future Contest. (Top ten percent out of thousands of worldwide entries-- I am a member of SFWA and have many fiction writing classes including the Writer's Digest novel writing courses, attended writer's workshops, writers groups and writer's conferences. Much but not all of my fiction tends to be humorous. All my writing would probably be rated P.G. as I don't write gory and graphic, sorry. Think "Star Wars" a New Hope or Star Trek or Hercules-the legendary Journeys. All of it tends to be laced with humor also. It just seems to pop out of nowhere LOL. Wyrd Wravings is a light hearted mix of scifi and fantasy stories told for fun and enjoyment.

I have lived on ranches,trained horses,raised Shelties, taught riding and dancing including ethnic folk and belly dancing. I've been a guest panelist at Conjecture and dance teacher at Con-Dor in Diego. "Lost Among The Stars" is my first novel with Amazon although the Wyrds Wravings anthology is still resold and "Suki" remains a popular story even out of print. Also ever popular and much reposted is the article "The Care and Feeding of a Mortal Mount: originally published by Speculations Magazine. Some of my work is posted on my fan page--Ellen Dawn Benefield and can be read for free.

I live in East El Cajon on mini-ranch with my husband and assorted critters.

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