Wednesday, May 22, 2013

'Land of Nebra: Their New Home' by Cheecowah Jack

Atlantis and Lemuria are at war again. Two sets of twins needs to learn how to survive using their wits and magic with the help of Mayan elders.

Book blurb from Amazon:

This is young adult fantasy, which is blended with indigenous stories. It is infused with magickal creatures and mystery.

This story is a magickal adventure into the past when people could talk to the animals, trees and all of nature. You will find new ways to see the world.

35,000 years ago the island of Lemuria and the island of Atlantis were at war again. 

The Earth Changes spoken about in the worlds pre-history are about to happen. 

Our heroes are 2 families youngest children who are both twins.
The children with the help of their teachers do incredible things. This adventure is like nothing you have seen or read before. 

If you can let your imagination run free you will enjoy this story and perhaps even try to hear the animals reply when you say hi. 

Listen to an excerpt:

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