Sunday, June 11, 2017

Review of Rebirth: Dream of the Vampire #1 by Annalise Clark

Rebirth: Dream of the Vampire

No one knows what happens when a vampire has years of her life erased...

Mira was a normal 16-year-old girl before the accident that killed her parents and took away her memories.

Then the dreams began. Nightmares. Visions of a young woman who looked just like her but was... different, like a wiser, more mature version of herself. And were those... fangs?

She thought they were just dreams...

So why did they feel so familiar, like memories of a life now lost? Her only solace was her loyal best friend, Lori, and her handsome boyfriend, Dimitri.

Dimitri knew more than he let on...

The fate of humanity and the vampires hung in the balance and time was ticking. Will she get her memories back in time to help save the world?

It was time. A vampire would be reborn.

**My thoughts**

In this day and age it feels like these YA paranormal books can be a dime z dozen. This book definitely starts out with the usual formulaic premise. Girl starts to notice weird things in her life. Truth is revealed to her at the age of 16. Now she must realize and fulfill her destiny. Hottie boyfriend.

And yet, Annalise manages to give this book its own twist to make it different enough from other books in the genre.

To get into all of the differences between this vampire book and others like it would be giving away too many spoilers, I think. Mira's breed of vampire has several unique traits that are revealed over the course of the book. I think you may find them somewhat refreshing for a change.

Mira has a lot to deal with as her true identity and story comes to light. She has an amazing human best friend in Lori and a lovely boyfriend in Dimitri. She also seems to have great inner strength that will be beneficial as the impending war and battles get underway.

I was honestly reminded a lot of Jennifer Malone Wright's Vampire Hunter's Daughter series when reading this, which I greatly enjoyed.

I enjoyed this read over a couple of Sunday afternoons, one while enjoying margaritas and Mexican and the other while basking in the sun at the lake. It's a fun and relaxing read. I know the second book is now out and the third one is coming soon. I look forward to picking up those, as well, in the future, because I want to see how this whole story pans out! I gave it four stars.

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