Wednesday, December 11, 2013

'Miyu's Wish' by Casey Bryce Countdown Special! 12/12-12/15

A boy longing for another life, a girl clinging to her own...

Have you ever wished for a different life, or longed to be someone else? Someone more athletic, attractive--popular?

Not Miyu. Cute and loved by all her peers, life is already too good to be true. And maybe it is. A mysterious boy is invading her dreams, beckoning her to "return," and that can only mean one terrible thing...

Wishes are not forever, it seems, and Miyu's time is running out. What is she going to do?

Read an excerpt:
I focused my attention on the closet, knowing I needed an extra cute outfit for my big day. But I felt distracted, as if I was forgetting something important. I bit my lip carelessly, sliding my tongue against the bottom row of my teeth as I pondered the strange feeling. Had my teeth always felt that smooth? Been so tiny?

I grabbed a lock of my hair and twirled it around my fingers thoughtfully. My beautiful hair…had it always been this long? This black? A strange chill seized my body as I glanced at the mirror. In place of my reflection stood a boy, his hair redder than flame, staring at me through the glass. I screamed, falling backward and banging my head against the headboard.

“Miyu, sweetie, are you OK up there? You need to hurry into the shower or you’re going to be late!”

“Yes, Auntie Mari,” I heard myself say, feeling the sting of tears.

I shook my head and dashed to the mirror.

I saw myself, a pitiable little thing, staring outward with desperate, shimmering eyes–for behind me watched that hideous stranger.

Rave reviews!
"Miyu's Wish" is a luminous, unique novel..." Erica Lucas

"Miyu's Wish is a fantastic spiritual mystery..." Marcia Ward

"There is a lot of mystery that keeps you interested and there are really great messages throughout." Bonnie Anderson

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I love art in any form, and I especially love storytelling. But after years of enjoying the works of other creators, I, too, wanted to craft a story--to be a contributor, not just a consumer.

But I needed an idea--it sometimes seems like anything worth writing has already been done! So over the course of several years, like a miser collecting pennies, I began accumulating ideas that would eventually be woven into my first true novel--Miyu's Wish. It's a story that works on many levels; for some, it'll be a cute bubblegum story, for others an intriguing mystery, and those determined to reach its deepest depths will uncover a trove of ideas and possibilities.

As an "artist" (at least an aspiring one), I'm just grateful for the opportunity to share my ideas with others. I hope everyone enjoys what they find!

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