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'Phase One: Identify (Territory of the Dead #1)' by Rose Wynters


A letter found on the clear glass case of the only gun shop in Pleasant, LA


My name is Tabitha Alexanders. Congratulations. If you're reading this letter, you're one of the survivors from the zombie apocalypse. Take care, or you won't last for long. 

I'm 18 and just graduated this year. I didn't get to enjoy it, though. I was working at the grocery store as a checkout girl when the first body slammed against the clear glass. I'll never forget the fear that washed over me at the sight of his red, hungry eyes. That night marked the loss of my innocence.... And my freedom. 

Now my life is something different. No longer can we take the basic things like safety and food for granted, not to mention our lives. The zombies destroyed our entire town that first night, including the family of the college guy I had a crush on in the past. We were able to save him, but he's not the same. He's different, but so am I. 

Our numbers are extremely small, but the humans have united. A new group of survivors is emerging in this nightmarish world.... And we aren't afraid to fight dirty if it ensures our survival. 

We had to leave Pleasant in order to save our lives. We barely made it out alive. These zombies are entirely different than the way I'd always seen on television. They are fast, preternaturally strong, and even aware. They used that awareness to discover our small group of survivors hidden within our home. If it wasn't for Kellan we'd be dead right now, wandering the streets of Pleasant. 

Kellan is something completely different than any man I've ever seen before. He's too powerful and too controlled to ever be anything like the average male. I can't explain him, but I'm glad he's on our side. Heaven help us all if he ever decides we're not worth the effort.

He's taken us to his home outside of town, if the massive fortress can be considered that. It's large enough for many more than us, self-sustaining should we be forced to remain beyond the high fence. There's something strange about the way he was so prepared for the zombie apocalypse, but it's not my place to question it. I've learned that Kellan doesn't enjoy questions, and he doesn't want anybody getting too close. 

I'm leaving a handwritten map here in the hopes that there is still someone alive in this town to find it. God, I hope you are. It feels like we're the only ones left, and it's horrifying... 

Tabitha Alexander

Read an excerpt:
Without a doubt, I knew that this zombie epidemic was the end of the world. Everybody would either die, or the survivors would spend their lives constantly on the run. Nothing could be more evil than this. I didn't know what caused it, or even who, but it was pure, unadulterated evil.

Death was a part of life. Somewhere in the back of my mind I'd always known that one day I would die, just like I was sure everyone else did. It was so far off in the future, though, that it wasn't anything I'd ever seriously considered. Until now.

Nobody should have to die like these people had. I didn't know each of their circumstances, but I had a good guess. These people had died in terror, horror, and pain. More than likely, they had to watch their friends or loved ones die at the same time. Their last moments would have been spent knowing that they would come back and do the same to anyone they could get their hands on, even people they'd spent their life loving.

It was not the way any human being should have to go.

I let the curtain fall back in place. Just in time, too. Jayden came up behind me, his tall body warm against my back as he whispered in my ear, “How bad is it?”

His body caused a strange sensation to shoot through mine, but I pushed it aside to examine in my mind at a later date. “It's bad,” I responded softly, facing the door. He was close enough to hear me though. “Let's go check the other windows.”

He moved away, and I exhaled gently. My back was still tingling from his nearness. It was a close call. If he'd moved the curtain to have a look himself, I had no doubts he would have seen his dead sister.

We went from window to window, but I purposely guided him away from the front ones. The dread inside of me increased with each glance into our dark yard. We were completely surrounded, with more piling in. Eventually they could force their way in, simply by the sheer numbers amassing around our house.

By the backdoor, Jayden stopped me. He grabbed my shoulders and bent down to meet my eyes. He had a ways to go, actually. I was on the short side. I stood 5'4 with my shoes on.

It was hard to be this close to him and not blush. Maybe my crush wasn't as dead and gone as I thought it was. Even in the circumstances, I couldn't help but react to his face being only inches away. All I'd have to do was move my face forward to kiss him.

He must have noticed I was lost in my daydreams, because he gave my shoulders a quick shake. “Tabitha, I need you to focus.”

I could feel my skin mottling in embarrassment. I just hoped he didn't figure out what I'd been thinking. “I am focused,” I responded, my voice a bit harsh. My eyes finally met his. His dark eyes had a golden hue, one I'd never noticed before. “What did you want to talk about?”

His eyes were intent upon my own, and for several seconds he didn't reply. My body felt hot and tingly. I swallowed hard. I was ashamed to admit it, but I hoped he would kiss me. Apparently attraction could override even the most dire circumstances.

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I'm a hopeless romantic that enjoys excitement, fun, and the mysteries of life. I have a great love of romance and the supernatural, and I love combining them into romance books that push every boundary in the literary world. After all, shouldn't romance be thrilling, decadent, and especially sensual?

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