Sunday, November 17, 2013

'Advice For Teenage Girls: A Guidebook of Answers on Boys, Relationships, Health, Your Body, Social Media, Sex, and Mean Girls' by M. Ryan


Are you a teenage girl, or parent of one, who is struggling with the angst and drama of the teenage years? 

Advice for Teenage Girls offers an essential guidebook for teens on subjects and issues that they face in and out of school during the teenage years. 

Teens and their parents can read it together and start a dialogue of the topics. If you are parenting teenage girls, it's a must read. 

Teens will get straight-to-the-point advice and information on: 

● Sex 
● Pregnancy 
● Boys and Relationships 
● Social Media 
● Mean Girls 
● Health and Body 

This is one of the good books for teenage girls beginning when they are about to turn 13. These teen answers and questions are essential reading for girls and the adults who love them.
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