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Read an excerpt from Wager's Price (Soulkeepers Reborn) by G.P. Ching

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Wager's Price

From the bestselling author of the THE SOULKEEPERS comes a new series about dark magic, redemption and an unusual theater with life or death stakes…

Finn Wager’s luck has run out. Arrested for the one crime he didn’t actually commit, he’s forced to finish his education at an alternative school. The Revelations Institute is an upscale, private reform school with a 100% success rate. Delinquents go in and model citizens come out.

But students who don’t perform to expectations disappear. And although their bodies return model citizens, their minds are hardly their own. Something evil lurks inside Revelations, and if Finn and his new friend Hope can't find a way to stop it, they’ll risk more than their lives. The repercussions could cost them their souls.

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Read an excerpt:
Hope Laudner zipped her skirt and jammed her foot into one of her pristine white shoes. Most of the other girls were already gathered in the corner of the Paris High School gym, waiting to begin their dance squad’s halftime show. It wasn’t her fault she was late. Her father’s truck had died on the way into town. Why her dad insisted on driving that corroded robin’s egg-blue monstrosity was beyond her. Honestly, it made her blood boil. The thing was almost thirty years old. 
Asking her mother for a ride was out of the question. Malini Gupta Laudner was a semifamous journalist with her own show on CNBC, and today, she was in Saudi Arabia interviewing some woman who was the first leader of something. Hope couldn’t remember. 
Two months and she’d turn sixteen and be able to drive herself. She couldn’t wait. 
She finished with her shoes and flipped up her head to fasten the bow over her auburn ponytail. “Holy Chr…istmas! What are you doing here?” 
The man standing behind her had spiky black hair, blue eyes, and an internal glow to rival the LED lightbulb above her head. He also had two mighty wings that arched and twitched over his shoulders and smelled uniquely of sunshine and citrus. The good news: he wasn’t a stalker. The bad news: he was annoying as hell. 
“I have a message for you.” His stubbled chin was tight with perpetual concern. 
Hope lowered her voice. “This is the girls’ locker room, Gabriel. You can’t just pop in here.” 
“No one can see me but you. This is important.” 
“Important or not, it’ll have to wait. I’m on.” She grabbed her pompoms and headed for the gym. 
“Souls are missing, Hope. Henry needs you to investigate. And now He is involved.” 
Henry was Death, as in the Grim Reaper, an immortal in charge of ushering the dead into eternal life. He was big “H” he. The Big Good, God, the Alpha and Omega, I Am, or whatever else people called Him these days. Hope had no doubt that if both were concerned, the situation was serious. That didn’t mean she was willing to get involved. She had her own life, her own problems. And she sincerely doubted that two immortal beings needed her for anything. 
“He’s an all-powerful being,” she said. “Tell him to snap his fingers and figure it out.” 
“Hope!” The look of horror and offense on the angel’s face made her take pause. 
“Ugh! I’m sorry, all right? I don’t have time for this right now. I have our performance, and then I have to study for my calculus exam. And I had to run a mile in the freezing cold to get here because my dad’s truck broke down. And I have menstrual cramps if you must know.” 
Gabriel cringed. He hated when she talked about female issues. She smirked in response and headed for the rest of her team. He followed. 
“Someone or something is reaping human souls. You are the last Soulkeeper, the Healer. This is your job—” 
“Stop!” She held out her hand. “I told you. I can’t talk to you about this now.” 
His wings flexed in annoyance. 
She rolled her eyes. “Meet me at my window at midnight. I’ll be ready to listen.” He opened his mouth but she didn’t wait to hear what he had to say. She jogged from the locker room to join her teammates, fists pumping in the air.

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