Monday, July 11, 2016

Survival Guide for the Teenage Life by R. A. Riffe

Survival Guide for the Teenage Life

Ruth Riffe is excited to share that she just released her first young adult book entitled, Survival Guide for the Teenage Life. This fictional work is a humorous look into the land of teenage crushes, best friends, the social ladder and karma.

Here is a sneak peek into the book:

“Already near the bottom of the social ladder, fourteen year old Arianna Cooper is doing everything within her power not to slip to the last rung. With a hovering mother that wants her to dress like a nun and younger siblings nipping at her heels, Arianna walks you through her not-so-typical teenage life, throwing out survival tips to help her fellow teens avoid the pitfalls of adolescence.

With her best friend Emily as her sidekick, Arianna sets out to tackle the social injustices of Maddox High School. Whether it’s confronting the school bully, Queen Ava, about her snarly attitude or trying to catch the eye of her crush, Charles Hamilton III, Arianna shares every hilarious moment.

How does she survive the drama of her first year in high school? Read her survival guide and find out!”

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About RA Riffe

RA Riffe resides in the rolling mountains of West Virginia with her husband and young son. Her work with children and young adults, as well as the many children involved in her personal life, inspired her book, Survival Guide for the Teenage Life.

When she is not busy writing she enjoys spending time with her family, giving love to her fur-babies and working in her flower garden.

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