Wednesday, February 24, 2016

'The Power Vested in Me: The Gatherers' by A.J. King


Join the ‘Stardust’ to test your intuition, solve riddles and full fill the quests.

A mysterious white haired man materialises one night in the nursery of a maternity ward. He projects lights from his hands on to some of the sleeping babies and then vanishes in to thin air, completely unnoticed. Thirteen years later the five babies, who are now teenagers, win a competition, which none of them can remember entering. When arriving to collect their prize they are greeted by the mysterious white haired man. He appears to know all about them and the ‘secret powers' he says he bestowed on them. He asks for their help, his request is that they go on a series of quests for him, quests that involve time travel, danger and a little bit of magic. 

• Who is this man? 
• Why has he chosen these children? 
• What does he want with the items they gather on the quests? 

ALL WILL BE REVEALED IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME! (Unless you work it out first)

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About the author:

A J King started writing as a child with the desire to be the next John Boy Walton. The latter desire soon faded but the desire to write never did. In previous lifetimes they have been a martial arts instructor and photographer. Currently they live in Swansea in Wales (the birth place of Dylan Thomas) UK with their two teenage children and a punchbag called wolf.

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