Monday, January 18, 2016

'Sounds Like a Lie But It's Realy the Truth' by C.P. Turner

I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with him. Everything that was taught me by my family, everything preached at me in church, everything told me by society said it was wrong.

But I couldn’t help it, so that’s what I done.

You see, I wanted something more than what was given me in the tiny little town I grew up in. I wanted to stretch my wings like a dove and fly through the world, and part of that wanting was loving this man that came into my life and then was ripped out of it. And that’s the bad part, the sad part.

But before he was taken away from me, he left me with something. And that’s the good.

So this is my story, more or less, the best I can tell it. (It’s got some poems too, but not too many, and if you don’t like them, you can skip over them.)

Angel-Louise is a normal high school teenager with an active imagination and a heart as big as the world. Feeling constrained by the narrow limits and prejudices of the sometimes odd characters that surround her and make up her world, she finds someone to connect with who understands her and her passions and her desire for a wider meaning for her life. The impossible friendship she forms with an older man grows into love and romance, shared beliefs and passions, and ultimately into a sexual relationship.

The people around her are not ready to accept an interracial romance that challenges the taboos of race and age of the small town in which she lives. This relationship roils the society in which she lives and comes to a head in a tragic and violent confrontation between her private desires and the stringent prejudices of a small Southern town.

A young adult interracial romance of jealousy and taboo love. Funny. Sad. Tragic. But ultimately life-affirming.

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