Wednesday, June 17, 2015

'The Atlanteens Trilogy: Veritas (Book #1)' by AMI Noone

The truth will set you free...

Hundreds of years in the future, on a war torn Earth, a group of beings, only referred to as, the Watchers, came from the Heavens and built a paradise for the last remaining humans to live in. They called this paradise Edin.

Sixteen year old Maya has lived in Edin, since the day she was born under the watchful eye of Edin's creators - The Watchers. Every year the Ascension Ceremony takes place in Edin and those who are chosen can ascend to the Anzu, the watchers Heaven. This is their reward for living a just and honest life in Edin. The day of the ascension is a happy an joyous occasion that is celebrated by everyone. But before this Ascension Ceremony begins, Maya will learn a terrifying truth and will face the hardest choice of her life - will she continue to live the way she has always done or will she fight for her friends, her family and her future.

Today Maya is in paradise, but tomorrow she will learn that she is an Atlanteen and the truth will set her free.

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