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Read an exclusive excerpt from 'Detached (A Rewind Agency Novel)' by Jill Cooper

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DetachedWhat you do tomorrow, you'll pay for today.

Life was easier in the cage, now Lara Crane’s life is under a microscope.

She thought she was out, ready for a normal life, but with the Feds endless questions and tests, Lara realizes she might never be free.

Things would be worse if not for Donovan. They promise to ride it out together as Lara is fitted with a time travel restraint, designed to not only stop her, but to save her life as her mind spirals out of control. No more second chances. No more time travel to revert everything back the way it was once before.

As the danger increases, so does Lara’s headaches and nightmares. Her brain is desperate to be free, loose, and as the future begins to flash all around her, Lara is terrified the end might be near.

And maybe she doesn’t have a future at all.

Read an excerpt:
I turn up the walkway and the door opens. Donovan steps down and I fall into his arms. “Don’t scare me like that again.” He whispers and kisses my cheek. 
Promising I won’t, my arms tighten around his waist as he takes my face in his hands and kisses me. I was a fool to believe I could live without him, do all of this without him. I got scared. I almost gave up. 
But I don’t give up. I’m a Crane and a Montgomery. A little bit sass and a lot of determination. I just need to find an answer. 
Donovan takes my hand and we go inside. His dad is off at his job, I guess and the home is empty. The living room is cramped and there’s a newspaper on the sofa. Donovan doesn’t bother to fold it as he tosses it onto the coffee table. 
I sit beside him and he holds my hand. Our knees knock together and he leans in to kiss me. I have a lot of explaining to do, but his kisses are a source of comfort. A way to recharge my strength. It’s nice to know that through all of this he still loves me. 
“Nothing’s been easy.” Donovan says it in a way that it doesn’t sound like a hardship. It sounds like a challenge. A bet. Like he’s daring life to throw something else our way. 
I wish he wouldn’t. 
“We’ll get through it.” I touch the back of his head. 
“It makes me sick to think how my family has gotten you involved in all this.” Donovan shakes his head and I stare at him. 
How can he feel like that? I feel like that. 
“My mom? I don’t know when I’ll stop feeling so guilty. When I saw you on CSPAN. The news…” Donovan sighs. “She’s been in jail for almost a year so when will I feel better?” 
Never seems like the wrong answer. Sometimes I forget with all the time travel drama that Donovan is going through something too. His transition is hard. 
“I guess you don’t have an answer, huh?” Donovan smiles and its part sad. Part happy. 
“I wish I did.” I shrug. “I’m glad we have each other. Does that count for something?” 
“It counts for a lot.” Donovan runs his hands behind his head. “Dad lost his job again.” 
He pauses as he waits for me to say something. My brow furrows. “I’m sorry.” 
“He’ll find something else. He always does.” The stigma of being a James, of what Rewind did, carries on and it seems to follow Donovan’s dad around wherever he goes. 
“I don’t think we’ll lose the house. But I think I’ll need to sell the Porsche. Dad needs the money more than I need that car.” He gazes off into space and can’t look at me. 
“Oh Don,” I put my hand on his cheek. “You really think that car is important to me like you are?” 
He leans his head against mine. “And what will everyone say? You know what a big deal I used to make about getting that car. About everything. Being bigger and badder than all the other guys at school. Now look at me.” Donovan wipes at his mouth and there’s disgust in his eyes. 
“Who cares what they’ll say?” 
“I care.” Donovan sighs and stands up, his hands on his hips. “We had so much. I thought I had everything. The money. The giant house. Nothing could ever go wrong for me because I was a James. The best girlfriend. We had a real future. Any future we wanted.” 
He leans against the wall, pulls back the curtain and studies something outside. I go to him and wrap my arms around his waist, resting my head on his back. “You still have me, Don.” 
“And thank God for that.” Don faces me and I stroke his forehead. We lean on each other and tenderly he kisses me. He makes me his again, just like he always does when we’re close. 
“I’m glad to be your girl and we’ll find a way out.” 
“An hour ago and you tried to get rid of me.” Donovan’s face falls when he says the words. 
“Because I love you. Because I’m scared. You know I can’t say things like that easy. I hate…We’ll just do it, okay? We’ll find a way out of all this. Because anything else…” I shake my head and we come together like lovers. 
But we’re as trapped as mice in a cage. The cage might be bigger, prettier, but I can’t think of a way out. I can’t say that. I probably shouldn’t even be thinking it. Donovan needs me to be strong and that’s exactly what it is I’m going to do.

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