Tuesday, December 16, 2014

'Mashups for Teens: From Sleeping Beauty to Beyonce' by Melissa G. Wilson


Oh, the marvelous mashup. Enormously vogue in music and more recently, literature, the premise is simple. Take elemental bits and pieces of popular culture and remix them. The result is one part fresh, one part familiar.

Author Melissa G. Wilson has created her own style of the art form with her book series Masters Mashups. She takes two unlikely, yet well-known people and dissects the oddly similar ways their lives have unfolded. In this edition of Mashups for Teens, Wilson dishes on Sleeping Beauty and Beyoncè.

One is animated, one is real; both overcome adversity and rise to greatness. These iconic beauties have more in common than we imagine and it certainly appears they’re the quintessence of happily ever after. But success didn’t come without controversy, without familiar influences, without heartache and disappointment. Think you already know everything you need about Sleeping Beauty and Beyoncè? Not so fast. Included is an entire chapter of juicy facts that may surprise you. This is the third book in the series of the Masters Mashups series.


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