Monday, December 15, 2014

'A Million Miles' by Amy Fleisher Madden


A Million Miles is an intense coming of age story told with the burgeoning indie/emo music scene of the late ‘90s set as the backdrop. Get in the van and drive around America with Maddy Traeger and her favorite band, Crimson + Clover. This is not a story of arenas with flashing lights and luxurious tour buses; it’s one of dank dive bars and all night drives in a hot-boxed sardine can.

The story takes place in a scene that has been chronicled, but never truly exposed. You’ll experience through Maddy’s eyes what it’s really like to tour, and completely surrender your life to the fast moving blacktop that is the road.

Read an excerpt:
“Every backstage has a smell—there are slight differences but on some level they all smell the same. If you could imagine a perfect mixture of bleach, vomit, beer, pizza, and sweatthat would just about do it.”

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Author Bio:

Amy Fleisher Madden is known to some as "Amy Fiddler" because of the independent record label that she started at age 16, Fiddler Records. AFM is credited with the discovery and signing of bands Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory, Juliette and The Licks, The Bled, Name Taken, The Higher, Recover, and many more...

AFM's debut novel, A Million Miles, is a revelation of a story that could have only been told by someone who lived through this incredibly transitory period of independent music first hand.

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