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Read an exclusive excerpt from 'Rebel (Legend of the Spider Prince)' by Margo Ander

Legend of the Spider-Prince: REBEL 

Wyl is a young rebel whose life of dangerous lies and hidden truths has cost him his childhood and his ability to trust. He is fanatically loyal to the rebel leader, a woman embroiled in a blood-feud with Trascolm's ruling clan. When he’s not away spying, he’s her secret bodyguard—she needs protection from her army of renegades and outlaws as much as from bounty-hunters and assassins sent by her archenemy.

But when the rebellion meets with disaster, the rebel leader's strategy changes. Wyl is thrust into a hostile royal court of underage teens—mere children, to his mind. He’s expected to embrace this more civilized way of life, but his brutally-honed instincts betray him, and he makes enemies instead of friends. Wyl—a boy raised by outlaws—is in over his head and must somehow master the subtleties of court intrigue well enough to keep the rebel leader and her rebellion alive, despite the treacherous machinations of her enemies, and do it without getting himself killed.

About the Legend of the Spider-Prince series 

In a war-torn land where men have unbridled influence, but women hold the reins of power, a young rebel becomes entangled in a deadly web of magic, court intrigue, and revenge amid an escalating wave of events that will ultimately destroy magic, overturn governments, cause the near-collapse of civilization, even threaten the very existence of life on Eryth—and make him a legend.

Read an exclusive excerpt:
Wyl looked into the mist-filled woods on either side of the deeply-rutted road, his senses straining. He didn’t know what had caught her attention, but he trusted Lanney, trusted her instincts.
It was her second thoughts he didn’t trust.
From some distance to his right, there came a muted, continuous roar. It meant they’d just passed the bend where the road into the northern dales turned west and began its descent to follow the course of the Tor River. The river was less than a quarter-league away, on the other side of the dense wall of trees and brambles lining the road. The broad, impassable Tor crashed through the jagged, jumbled teeth of rock broken off from the Icepeak Mountains that abruptly rose from the other side of the river, forming the border between Trascolm and Dremnar.
Eirgei had driven them hard halfway across the barony of Milkdales to reach this winter sanctuary. Wyl and Lanney, and Helgurdda’s personal guard—made up of her warband and Eirgei’s—rode in a narrow column behind their leaders, one file in each rut of the road. They had kept pace easily, but the less well-mounted minions among the other warbands straggled behind. With the campaign season over and this part of the barony of Milkdales solidly behind the rebellion, most of the warlords weren’t troubling to keep their warbands in proper order.
Wyl caught a whiff of something fearsome, a smell that put him in mind of the foul breeze off a ripening battlefield. Carrion and death—that was the smell laced through the fog.
It was the smell from his nightmare.
“Do you smell that?” Had his monster followed him back into the waking world?
“Smell what? I don’t smell anything.” Lanney cocked her ears towards her side of the forest.
There had to be a connection between the fog, that smell, and that unnerving pressure from magery. Just recognizing that stink from his nightmare put him into a cold sweat. Had he finally lost his grip on the real world?

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About the Author

I loved fairy tales as a child, but could never get enough of them until I learned to read for myself. I spent my formative years with my nose in a book or playing dungeon master for my sisters long before there were actual games requiring one. Our Barbies fought Klingons, conquered the galaxy—and always had room on their spaceship for horses.

I am a horsewoman, an archer, a fencer, a former military officer, and a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism—all useful skills and experiences for a fantasy novelist. I am currently holding down a day job in Mississippi, USA, where I live with my husband and two daughters, and am presently down to one horse, one cat, and one dog—and ‘way too many books.

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