Saturday, September 22, 2012

Release Day for 'Twisted (A Twisted Fairy Tale Novella Series)' by Jenny Phillips

Are you looking for a new voice in the YA genre? Check out the new release from author Jenny Phillips. Twisted was just released today, and is the first in a new series!

Book Synopsis:

Gianna’s life has not been easy. She’s merely counted down the days until she can leave Fort Miami, with all the stares and whispers behind. However, when her childhood friend Hunter returns, it forces her to face memories she’s tried to forget. But what memories are real and which ones are that of an eight year old’s imagination?

Hunter doesn’t remember anything from that horrific night. Can Gianna trust someone who seems to have forgotten her once before? Can she put the pieces of that night together before it’s too late and she loses everyone she loves, even if that means believing in something that she’s only faced in her nightmares? 

Read an excerpt:
“So I see you and Bobby picked up where you left off…” Gianna started.
“Um, yeah I guess so. He still gets under your skin?”
“You could say that.” She rolled her eyes. 
“So…” Hunter turned to her suddenly. His eyes shifted to the forest. “What exactly happened, when,” he cleared his throat. “You know…” He swiped a thin mist of sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. He looked a little pale and uncomfortable, but it was nothing compared to the torment it brought upon Gianna. She swallowed; her tongue felt thick and dry making her throat stick together.
"You were there,” she said.
“Yeah, but the weird thing is I can’t remember anything.”
Gianna stopped and studied him. “Nothing?” She narrowed her eyes and watched the pleading curiosity of Hunter’s own eyes. “You’re serious?”
“I can remember walking through the woods, seeing the smoke and finding the cottage. That’s it. My mom always acts so secretive about it, and I get this feeling that it may be part of what made my parents decide to move me away from here, but I have no idea why.”
Gianna felt as if she’d been slapped. All the stares, the nightmares, the whispers…the only thing getting her through the madness was knowing she hadn’t gone through it alone. That even though Hunter lived somewhere else, he dealt with his own recollections of that experience. She suddenly felt very alone. And it didn’t help that she had spent the last seven years avoiding the questions and nosy gossiping classmates. Now, here she walked with the one other person in this world who could possibly understand how she felt, and he grilled her with these very questions. 
Gianna clenched her teeth to keep them from chattering, wrapped her arms around herself and said, “I have to go.”
Buy link: It's a bargain at only 99 cents!


  1. This is the perfect read to kick off Autumn. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is a great book so far! I'm up to chapter 2!!!