Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Vampire Hunter's Daughter Part III: Becoming

It's Christmas. Chloe is surrounded with friends and her small family, but she still feels completely lonely without her mother. She decides that she wants to go visit her mom's grave for the first time. Drew takes her to the cemetery where she sits and sobs for half an hour at her mother's grave. As they are getting ready to leave, Chloe is seized by a strange warm tingling sensation, starting into her stomach and stretching into her fingertips. They are being visited by Sostrate, daughter of Artemis, who is giving Chloe the guidance that she so desires from her mother. Sostrate also gives her a special gift. Later, Chloe discovers her own personal gift or superpower while she and Drew are out for a run. There is no end to all of the learning. As the vampires begin to close in, she can't learn it fast enough.

This installment of The Vampire Hunter's Daughter is yet again fast-paced and sucks you in. As Chloe learns more about herself, you can't help but wonder what else you are going to learn with her. You want to see her succeed and to hone the gifts she has been given. Immediately after reading Part III: Becoming, I couldn't wait to download Part IV!

Download the first three parts all together!

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