Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Vampire Hunter's Daughter Part II: Powerful Blood

I did it. I gave in and actually spent money on Kindle books, just so that I could continue reading The Vampire Hunter's Daughter series. I usually prefer to have physical books in my hand, especially when spending money on them. But the free first installment that I had received was so intriguing, it was worth the low price to continue the story.

In Part II, "Powerful Blood," Chloe is working herself ragged learning the tricks of the vampire hunter trade. She struggles with hand-to-hand combat, but is getting better with her daily run. She has also found that her particular skill is in shoot with both guns and a bow and arrow.

She is anxious to know more about her history, as well as that of vampire hunters in general. So she goes to the library and is surprised by what she finds out. She also finally asks Luke, her grandfather, to tell her more about her heritage. By having a vampire hunter for a mother and a vampire for a father, she is definitely in a unique situation.

Typical teen angst also sets in as Chloe goes to school. She finds her nemesis in Christina Livingston, the school bitch/slut, who has also dated Drew. She and Drew continue to develop their relationship, whatever that is meant to be. Chloe also witnesses her first vampire fight since her mother's murder.

Chloe is also trying to cope with her first birthday and first Thanksgiving without her mother. I felt particularly connected to her on this level, as I have recently gone through my first birthday and first holiday season without both of my parents. Whether you are a 14 year-old girl or a 34 year-old woman, it is a difficult rite of passage. This part of the story ends with Chloe asking for her mother's help, only to receive silence.

Yet again, I zipped through this installment of the story. I had to immediately move on the the third part. This story is very catchy and fun to read. Characters are easy to understand and are relatable. Even if you don't like vampires, as I typically do not, you will enjoy this series.

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