Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Vampire Hunter's Daughter Part 1

I have been following author Jennifer Malone Wright's journey with The Vampire Hunter's Daughter almost from its inception. We have been Facebook friends for a few years now and often encounter each other on various writing sites and forums. I remember when she came up with the idea and decided upon her main character's name. I remember her finding a cover and the early promotions. And of course I remember her finishing up the series. I wanted to support my fellow writer, but couldn't bring myself to pay for it.

I hate vampires.

Sure, I enjoyed Dracula. I first read it in 8th grade. I reread it last year when I got my Droid with the Kindle app on it and liked it even more. It is THE original and quintessential vampire story. But I have tried to do the Twilight series and the True Blood series and can't stand them. I do not like vampire shows. So, I didn't want to spend the money on something I was sure to dislike. I would feel guilty about it.

Recently, Jennifer made the first installment of the series free. I knew I was headed out for a long day of shopping while my friend found himself the ultimate pair of sneakers for his street hockey games. So, I decided that would be a good time to give the book a perusal, while sitting in the stores waiting for him to debate the best treads for lateral movement.

I sat down on a quiet stool and started to read. I finished the installment before my friend was even done looking around the store. And I have finally downloaded the rest of the installments so that I can finish the story.

Chloe Kallistrate is awakened by her mother in the middle of the night. Felicia throws Chloe into the closet and tells her she loves her, just as some men burst into the bedroom. Chloe watches in horror as her mother is murdered before her very eyes. As she is being dragged out of the house against her will, another group of people burst into the house to save her. And thus, Chloe finds out the truth about her heritage, her parents, and her life's destiny. She decides to embrace it all and avenge her mother's death by becoming the greatest vampire hunter.

This first installment ends with Chloe making her vow and leaves you wanting more. It is told in the first-person and you can hear and feel the teenaged cynicism and attitude. Perhaps Jennifer was able to pull on her own teenage years?

The Vampire Hunter's Daughter is a quick and easy read. Granted, I read fast, but this first part was devoured in less than an hour. Get it for free on Kindle or other reading apps and see what you think! I will keep you posted on the other parts.

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