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Read an exclusive excerpt from The Revelation of Three by Sara M. Schaller

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Welcome to the book tour for The Revelation of Three by Sara M. Schaller! Today I have an exclusive excerpt for you to enjoy before you download your own copy and follow the rest of the tour. Best of luck in the giveaway!

The Revelation of Three
(The Empyrean Trilogy, #2)
By Sara M Schaller
YA Fantasy, Paranormal
Hardcover, Paperback & ebook, 387 Pages
August 3, 2021 by Designs by Seraphim
He thought he was prepared to go to war with the Devil, but what if Satan’s not his true enemy?

Ever since the Devil donned a powerful amulet that allows him to walk the Earth, he has grown weaker—and so has his authority. As a result, mutiny is rising in Hell, and the Devil must fight to remain the king of the underworld. Little does he know, there is much more at stake than his title.

After the death of the nun who raised him and his best friend, Jordan Conway cannot think of anything but finding Sophia and keeping her safe. Luckily, he has a team of archangels on his side, and with their help, the two lifelong friends are reunited. But Jordan didn’t expect the reunion to include another of Sister Helen’s charges—the boy he’d loved like a brother but who had pushed him away, Dane. The three orphans never thought their lives would amount to much, but finding their way back to each other is leading them to finding out who they truly are.

All paths converge when the fourteenth sphere, a celestial object with a power like no other, appears at the Met. The angels must keep it from falling into the wrong hands, and soon, the lines between good and evil blur as they find themselves fighting alongside Satan to prevent the unleashing of a dark and dangerous force hell-bent on taking them all down. But in this world, nothing is as it seems, and the mysterious sphere is possibly the least of their concerns…

Get ready for another adventure as the three friends, and the angels they now consider family, travel the globe in search of a way to save each other—and the world.

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Read an exclusive excerpt:
Nine. It had started with nine inconsequential feathers, small plumes I wouldn’t miss. But in the six months since I had started losing them, the process had sped up, and now I left trails of feathers in my wake.

Yet, those plumes weren’t the only thing I had lost.

The Hellfire was gone, too.

I was no stranger to loss. In my many centuries of existence, I had lost my home, my family, and my freedom. Those things were eventually found again, although in much different forms, but I feared the Hellfire’s return would not come so easily. With the help of witches, I had dabbled in black magic, too ambitious to think of its cost. I had bargained my power for my freedom, and not even I, Lord Satan, ruler of the underworld, was immune to its price.

At first, I had told myself it was nothing, but deep down I’d known I was lying.

Today, it wasn’t one feather or a trail. It was a whole handful.

While I might be ill, I wasn’t weak. And for that reason, my ambition continued. I had plans, ones that had to be executed in a particular order. The Sacrarium, a secret society entrusted to protect the holy bloodline, had information, far too much in my opinion, and they knew about the objects I was searching for—my keys, a set of three items each archangel on the council in Heaven had been tasked to protect.

Mine had been stolen from me, before I even knew they existed, by Him—Father, the creator of all angels—but I disliked calling Him that because it gave Him authority, something He no longer had over me. Ever since I’d found out about the keys, it became my goal to retrieve them. And the Sacrarium had my most powerful key of all, the black onyx sphere. For years, I had been tracking the Sacrarium to recover it, yet they had evaded me and my efforts. But now, it was finally time to settle matters, to discover the Sacrarium and reclaim what was rightfully mine.

Excerpted from The Revelation of Three by Sara M Schaller, Copyright © 2021 by Sara M Schaller. Published by Seraphim.

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(The Empyrean Trilogy, #1)
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Eighteen-year-old Jordan Conway has always wanted to help people, but helping seven archangels to achieve their divine duty was never quite what he had in mind… 

When Jordan is entrusted by the head nun of his orphanage to deliver a mysterious backpack to a New York City address, he comes unexpectedly face-to-face with Archangel Gabriel. Their acquaintance fast uncovers a labyrinth of secrets that connect Jordan’s once-normal life to an ancient heavenly prophecy. Now, he must help Gabriel to reunite the archangels before evil forces grow too strong.

Soon, Jordan and Gabriel find themselves on a divine quest across the globe, while deep in the pits of Hell, Satan plots his return to earth. To gain control, however, Satan needs the powerful prophetic objects locked safe inside Jordan’s backpack—and the devil will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

With that notion threatening his only family and the safety of his newfound friends, Jordan must do whatever it takes to protect the ones he loves and help the archangels succeed. If that means sacrificing all he thought he knew to go to war with the devil himself? Bring it on.

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About the Author

Sara M Schaller is a young adult author and publishing professional. She lives in Colorado and works at her local library. Sara likes to write stories for all ages in the fantasy genre, and her writing usually contains elements of speculative fiction and features a large cast of characters. Sara has a Bachelor's degree in English, Art History, and Religious Studies from the University of Denver, and a Master's degree in Publishing from Pace University. You can visit her online at www.saramschaller.com.

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