Monday, February 12, 2018

Evein Prophesy: Fallen Paradise by Tabitha Stevens

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Evein Prophesy

On the planet Shays, a summit is held, and the surrounding tribes meet and an opposition stirs all the ancient clans based on the governing rule of the planet from Evein, the spirit of it. From the Madera Clan, Cree is also the guardian of Evein and chieftain of his tribe. The Squall and Cisi Clan whose leaders are Dion and Talon are against Cree who wishes for peace. Cree teams up with Rison of the Urge Clan to bring peace about to Shays before the Great War begins once more. Many turbulent mysteries come to light as the as it now reflects to the present. Much of the past history has been lost to Shays when the Great War happened. Talon and Dion wish to reclaim the history of the past, yet Evein wishes to keep it hidden.

Rison and Cree are set out on their own quests to stop Talon and Dion from bridging the past to the present from Evein.Talon and Dion have different motives for advancement, yet it could bring about the destruction of Shays altogether. Cree and Rision have to begin dangerous quests that unearth the past and bring dark revelations that will make Shays forever different.The paradise that once was falters, for the unknown prophesy has come to pass with the reawakening of the Great War.

About Tabitha Stevens

Hello I am Tabitha Stevens a science fiction fantasy YA fiction writer. I love to write tales for the young adult and teenagers. I believe in writing great heart warming stories about friends, coming of age and the influences of the world tied into the works. I love to create beautiful imagery of the captivated mind. Dive into my stories and let it take you to another world.

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