Monday, June 27, 2016

Nobody's Story (Book One: The Golden Locket) by Stephanie Mayor

Nobody's Story (The Golden Locket)

Just a simple golden locket... or so it seemed. After her parents mysteriously disappear, Stephanie discovers a purpose that was long ago sealed in this heart of gold. Opening the necklace turns an ordinary afternoon into an extraordinary journey. In book one of the series, Stephanie and her cat Angel, are best friends together in a beautiful and unspoiled paradise. It seems like a dream, a fairy tale come to life. In the shadows of their new reality, however, dark undercurrents are swirling. Our adventurers soon find that not everyone is what they seem, that dragons are not so easy to slay, and that sometimes, it is the prince that needs to be rescued. As they 'quest for the meaning' in a strange new land, one girl and her cat are about to discover that the simplest of hearts can lead to the grandest of adventures.

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