Wednesday, May 13, 2015

'The Ungoverned' by Jaq C. Reed

Book Description:

Hot New Dystopian sets pace for summer reading!

Ara is Code Yellow.

In a world of assignment, there is no choice. Ara lives, works, and breathes under the rule of the Governance. It’s a race against time, as every minute is counted down off her clock of life.

The annual cull of the population threatens her friends, family; everyone close to her. Missteps lead to questioning and torture.

She is genetic perfection; the impure of the Nation are cast out and terminated. Mingling with anyone outside of Rank brings with it the possibility of code collision and termination. The Code keeps everyone, including Ara, under complete control of the Governance. Until she becomes unCoded.

From a life of drudgery, Ara unwittingly becomes the face of revolution. With the forbidden love of the Governor’s son and the Cull looming, can she save her friends from torture? Can she save her family from certain death? Can she save herself?

About the author:

I grew up in a Rural Community. I spent my hours outside since I was a child, running barefoot, AlWAYS, until my mom caught me cutting the grass with barefeet. The green grass stains gave it away. From then on I wore shoes to cut the grass... And in the winter. Our winters were brutal, hitting minus 40 regularly. My dad would slave us in the summer to supply our own wood for the furnace, and we would garden in the summer. I spent the winters reading. I have always loved Sci-Fi and Fantasy. By the time I was 18 I was ready for a city and off to college I went. I spent a few years having too much fun, then a few years working, some continuing years with children, and developed a deep mourning for the kind of life I had been privileged to have growing up. A deep sense of connection to nature came back to me. I live now, telling stories and sharing my life with a couple feral kids, a blind greyhound and a very fat cat. And I'm still terrible at housework.

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