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'A Girl Between (War of the Witches Part 1)' by Marjorie Weismantel


“I am cursed; I am divine. I am ancient; I am destined. I am life; I am death. I am a witch.” This is a story of Tess, a 16 year old girl who finds herself an unwitting participant in a myriad of disturbing events. She is forced to move with her aunt and cousins to the mysterious town of Woodley, Connecticut, where she manages to make a few friends. Along the way, Tess also discovers many enemies while finding herself at the confluence of forces she’s at a loss to explain. She finally discovers that she’s lived as a witch in many past lives, including times when she suffered horrific persecution. There, she’s forewarned of evil powers practiced by others, and how her own past foreshadows her crucial role in an apocalyptic battle of good against evil.

Read an excerpt:
Mother and daughter lay close together to ward away the damp. Suddenly, the cell door creaked open and the jailer came in accompanied by the blacksmith. The jailer gazed impassively at the woman and grunted, "It's time." 
The woman extricated herself from her daughter and meekly extended her arms. She winced as the blacksmith gruffly lay down her manacles and pounded them off. The little girl pushed herself up and cried, "Momma, are we leaving here?"

"I must go Elsa," the mother answered with a steady voice while she bent and wiped the tears from her daughter's face.  
"Momma, where are you going? Please don't leave me!" The young girl wailed. 
The jailer grasped the mother's arm and shoved her to the cell door as her daughter stretched her hands toward her. At the door, her mother stopped, looked back at her daughter with weary eyes and proclaimed, "Elsa dear, please keep me in your heart and do not forget the injustice we suffer here on this day." The condemned woman then straightened her shoulders and lifted her head as the jailer led her up the stairs. The child put her fists to her eyes and screamed. Others in the cell pressed their hands to their ears. It was agony to hear. There was nothing they could do. She finally fell back in the hay and wept. 
"Child, come sit by me if you like," the old hag with gentle eyes beckoned to her. "I fear that your mother will not be returning to you." The girl looked at the old woman and wiped her eyes with her ragged sleeve. She sniffed again, but the tears had stopped. She sank into the hay, staring out with dead eyes. 
Outside, her mother was pushed into the cart with the others. A mob of people were waiting for them to pass. Some just watched the cart jostle by. Others jeered and threw rotten apples at them. Gradually, they made their way down the road and up the hill to the ancient oak. 
When it was the woman's turn to hang, the last thing she heard were the final words of the reverend, "Ye shall now be returned to the house of the devil to burn in the fires of eternal damnation."

More about the book:

A Girl Between targets teens as well as young and older adults who have a young and open outlook. The book delves into subjects that have not had much exposure: witches, regression hypnosis, reincarnation, and the afterlife. A Girl Between tells the story of an unassuming teenager who through a myriad of events comes to realize she processes extraordinary powers. The story combines the everyday social struggles of today's teenager with past historical times of witch persecutions, culminating in an apocalyptic battle of good witches versus evil, with life lessons that can be learned by both young and old.

About the Author

Marjorie Weismantel is a high school teacher and mother of three who has enjoyed and valued her many experiences with young adults. While an avid reader of all kinds of books, her favorite genre has been the supernatural, and so, writing a book for young people with a paranormal theme comes naturally to her. She particularly likes to write about things we might contemplate at odd hours of the night but believe will never actually happen; where the outcomes are slightly askew and don’t fit neatly into a box. Her objective is to create an alternate world that readers desire to visit and stay for a while. Marjorie enjoys traveling around the U.S. in a motor home, viewing the beauty of nature and our national parks, and visiting the many wonderful historical sites. When not traveling, she resides in Connecticut with her husband, dog, and two cats.

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