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Read an excerpt from 'The Inner Kingdom' by S.R. Gibbs #SpringIntoBooks



The Inner Kingdom

April, Angie, and Ashley are just three ordinary adopted sisters, just trying to survive their senior year in high school. They live by four simple rules: They must not tell anyone that they are adopted sisters, sit at the same lunch table, speak more than necessary to one another during school hours, and the most important one, Never get involved in the problems of others. The girls' rules no longer applied, when they are suddenly transported to a distant world; where they are welcomed as destined warriors, chosen at birth to save their world. In order to do this they will first have to journey to three of the four outer kingdoms, within six months to release their dragons, and defeat the evil Queen before she fully regains her strength, and continues the war she started over a hundred years ago.

Even in her weakened state the Queen will not make it easy for them, with the girls' sudden manifestation of special abilities, they discover what they were really meant to be. Faced with a chance to be able to return home. They are forced to make the decision to stay in the world where they've found love, friendship, and a purpose, or go back to a world, that tried to take away their destiny.

Read an excerpt:
The sudden sound of footsteps alerted us to the fact, that we were no longer alone. 
Before we could react, a group of heavily armored people began to ambush us. 
The glare coming off their shiny armor nearly blinded me as they surrounded us. My eyes quickly adjusted, allowing me to see that the men were carrying giant bows and arrows, which they were pointing directly at us. 
“I hate being right,” Angie whispered shakily. 
“How did you get into the royal gardens?” said a deep booming voice coming from the tallest person in the group with the biggest bow. 
These were telltale signs to me that this person had to be the one in charge. 
I turned toward Angie and April, not sure what to do. Almost simultaneously, we slowly backed away from the armed people closest to us. 
“Do not move, or we will be forced to harm you!” The one in charge announced aloud, signaling something to the others with him. 
“We don’t want trouble; we just want to know how to get back home,” April explained, taking a step toward him with her hands up. 
I was soon taken back to this morning’s dodge ball incident; I could hear the release of the arrow that was pointed at April, but unlike earlier, time did not stop. 
April’s screaming awakened me from my déjà vu moment. Angie hurriedly removed April’s jacket to try to see the wound; the arrow had deeply grazed her side, staining red the lower right side of her Tweety bird shirt she was wearing. I attempted to slow down the bleeding by using the belt to April’s coat as a bandage. 
“That was a warning shot,” the tall man said, putting another arrow in his bow. “Next time, I will not miss.” 
“Are you all out of your minds?” Angie yelled at the steel-clad people, but her eyes were only on the one guy that had shot at April. “We only want to know how to get out of here, and you shoot at us!” 
“Unless you want to meet the same fate as your friend, I suggest you stay where you are,” the man warned, aiming his bow and arrow at Angie. 
“Oh, are you going to shoot me, too?” Angie asked, walking forward with her hands out on either side of her as if asking him to shoot her. 
She really needs to work on her anger issues. 
“Angie! Get back here!” I yelled, trying to stop her before it was too late. 
Once again, I heard the release of the arrow before I saw it. There was no time to blink, since it happened so fast. 
As soon as the arrow became free from the bow, the air around Angie heated up and the arrow instantly caught on fire moments away from piercing Angie’s heart.

This YA book is on sale for only $.99 on Amazon

Reviews -
"In the case of CS Lewis' body of work, I felt that in author SR Gibb's debut novel, there lay the hallmarks of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe."

"If you are a fan of the Narnia series, or even animated shows like W.I.T.C.H, then you will surely find The Inner Kingdom by S.R. Gibbs an enjoyable read. It's fast-paced with a reveal at the end."

"Author Gibbs has put together an excellent YA story. It's the first I've read in a while that has focused, believable heroines."

9039954_origS.R. Gibbs was born and raised in Florida, she have always been a bit of a bookworm. Her two daughters inspire her everyday to do what she loves, which is to create worlds and send people on an adventure from the comforts of their own homes. When she isn't writing, she can be found drawing and watching Korean dramas.

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