Sunday, March 25, 2012

Free YA Kindle Reads: Hockey, Mystery & Mermaids

I am not a huge fan of the vampire/werewolf genre. So, finding something I am interested in downloading for free from the Amazon Kindle in the YA genre can be tricky at times. However, I did manage to come across a couple of promising leads and am sharing them here with you.
No Kindle? No worries! I currently do all of my e-book reading by using the free Kindle apps for my Droid and my laptop. But soon I will own a Kindle Fire!
Face-Off (Book One)

This book was originally published when the author was a mere 16 years old. Twin brothers T.J. and Brad used to attend different high schools. Brad was at the public school and was the star of the hockey team. T.J. went to a fancy prep school and their father's favorite. But now T.J. has gotten out of the prep school and comes to the public school. He starts to compete to take over his brother's starring role on the hockey team, as well as stealing his brother's girlfriend.
Get your Kindle copy here.
Mississippi Cotton

Young Jake takes a bus to visit relatives in the Mississippi Delta in 1951. What is supposed to be a fun summer vacation takes a turn when an unknown body is found in the Mississippi River. The cousins decide to try their hand at detective work and start snooping around, but really should leave it to the adults.
Get your Kindle copy here.
 Deep Waters (The Lemoso Legends)

Okay, I do somewhat enjoy mermaids and have lived near the Great Lakes my entire life. In this book, a species of mermaids, known as the Lemoso, live in the Great Lakes. But environmental pollution and disasters have been threatening their way of life. Raymos, their prince, decides to take a stand and ends up in a forbidden relationship with a human. Both of them seek to save the Great Lakes.
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