Monday, August 18, 2014

'Lightning Girl' by 27


Heaven and Hell have spent millennia anticipating the arrival of the Envoy, the savior of prophecy who is said to unite the dimensions. A young girl named Stephanie with mysterious control over static electricity becomes enamored with Kyan a sweet, if unremarkable, little boy. Stephanie exposes her secret to the world when an accident reveals that Kyan is anything but ordinary. Putting everything on the line, Stephanie attempts to lead a group of gifted teens into a battle that could destroy their world. Where have all these strange powers come from and why does Eric say that death isn't the end?

~~Read an excerpt here.~~

Available in ebook and paperback at Amazon

Author Bio:

“Lightning Girl” is the first book in an epic fantasy series by first time author 27. 27 likes fight scenes, superpowers and dragons and hopes to write them all in the upcoming Superconnected sequels.


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