Friday, August 2, 2013

'Horn Pattern' by Gretta Hines

Blurb from Amazon:

Some believe it's happening because of all the dark things we read. And only the foolish would dare warn others. Something is wrong. Something is very wrong. It's the horn pattern... It's here... Like a silent epidemic, it is spreading throughout the globe with its shadowy fingers. It's a little-known, cryptic thing, but it can and will get anyone. This is just nineteen-year-old Lorissa Vollist's story.

Read excerpts:
She depended on chocolate like an alcoholic their liquor, so whenever she was to get depressed there was always a great chance of the grandparents going upstairs one day to find her lifeless legs sticking out from under a mountainous pile of empty chocolate boxes and wrappers.
Lorissa was unable to breathe, much less logically think. Holding on tightly to the book in her lap, she glinted from the dark library premises around her to the window repetitively, trying to think of what she should do. Then in one of her glances back to the window, she nearly screamed. She could see black feathers and straight black strands of hair floating up from behind the wall mystically in the night breeze.

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Gretta Hines is a young author from Ontario, Canada. She has been writing ever since age fourteen, and specializes in adult romance, dark thrillers and fantasies. Her debut book is Horn Pattern, an enigmatic and surreal paranormal and her latest release, and second novel is the erotic romantic horror Bernadette and Patti. You can find her on facebook (Gretta Hines) and on instagram (gretta_hornpattern), where she shares personal things with her fellow instagramers and followers. She lives at home with her bunny Greta.

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