Sunday, February 3, 2013

'Lexapros and Cons' by Aaron Karo

Book description:

In this hilarious YA debut, Chuck Taylor has some dirty issues mucking up his life.

High schooler Chuck Taylor knows his OCD is out of control. The weird routines that he relies on to keep himself together are scaring everyone off. Yes, he shares a name with the icon behind the coolest shoes in the world-but even he knows his complicated system for which pair of "Cons" he's going to wear on which day is completely nuts. The shrink his parents make him see isn't helping, partly because her patient only pretends to take the drug she's prescribed, and partly because he doesn't like the fact that she wears sneakers in their sessions.

Bad things are definitely going to happen to Chuck. But maybe that's a good thing. Because in order to get a handle on his life, win back his best friend, and have a chance with the amazing new girl at school, he's going to have break some hardcore habits, face his demons . . . and get messy.

This book deals with the mature topic of OCD, even though it is a humorous read. It covers symptoms and treatments, which can be very helpful to readers. Those who have it may recognize themselves in Chuck. Those who don't may develop a better understanding and appreciation for the disorder, which can be debilitating for some. Fair warning: it does contain a lot of swear words! Recommended reading age is 14 and above.

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