Monday, July 2, 2012

Review of Death of a Dreamer

John Lennon had a dream. He imagined a peaceful world where everyone got along and was happy. His dream was snuffed out too early by Mark David Chapman, who gunned him down in violence. Alison Marie Behnke takes a look at these two contrasting figures in her book Death of a Dreamer.

Instead of focusing on John's musical career, Behnke profiles him and the times in which he lived. She explains the society of the times and how they shaped John's beliefs. She also shares how John helped to influence the society of the time.

The middle of the book takes a deeper look into the troubled soul of Mark David Chapman, the gunman who put down the voice of a generation. His troubled soul is evident in the confusion of his stories about why he assassinated Lennon and the events leading up to the act.

I like this different take on the story because it puts the events into an historical context that makes more sense for younger generations who weren't even alive at the time. It focuses on Lennon the man and the dream, not so much his music. While the music was very influential, it's John's passion for peace and his beliefs that prompted Chapman to snuff out his life.

The book is written more for the young adult genre, but it is captivating and informative, even for an adult.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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